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  • My name's been tainted for like, two years now? Maybe? Year and a half maybe? I don't know.

    Zaush was originally brought on to do a redesign of the UI and then Dragoneer decided to let him head a project to rewrite FA in general.

    Weasyl's a new site started by a bunch of people from FAF, basically. Fay V, Term the Schmuck, Aden, Xipoid helped out some, Takun helped out some, Ben. And some non FAF people too, but mostly FAF. It's the hip new place to be.
    Lot of changes that people got mad at since you were gone. Arshes got replaced by Chase as head Admin, Zaush is working on a rewrite of the mainsite that people are mad at, people that were on FAF staff and weasyl staff were removed suddenly. So much drama e'erywhere.

    I think that should catch you up mainly.
    Because I wanted to make a new parking lot first! >;)
    It's good to see you too, sorry about your rough return to FAF. Cest la vie, ​I suppose. It is good to hear from you. Are you doing well?
    Just got back earlier this month from a year long hiatus. (Worked abroad in fucking Saudi Arabia.) Plus I needed to get my shit together, I was falling apart.
    DAT NAME!!! There is so much win in it.
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