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  • But then again...as my Fursona's name means, "Be Foolish" and I intend to live by his namesake for I am naught but a Fool on his Journey. ÕwÕ
    The world is too small to have such convoluted views. Am I right? The bigger picture is that we're alive here, and now. We have life and I swear to use every ounce of it being happy no matter what happens to me.

    Life is Temporary. Living is Eternal.
    I was never one to believe in Karma but I always did believe in the "Law of Equivalent Exchange." For as much 'good' I put out into the world the same amount of 'bad' HAS to happen. It's just a cycle of actions and feelings. Everything HAS to balance out back to Zero. These events that happen to me were chosen and predestined as a way to strengthen my own soul and in turn strengthen my being. My social links ((HAHA nice reference)) help to build up how I grow as a person and human in this place filled with hate, ridicule and lack of equate.

    With 'good' being subjective, you are a 'good' person in my eyes. In your own way. Even if you don't feel it.

    Besides, a good person isn't always good. And vice versa, a bad person isn't always bad. Even a 'bad' person can convince himself he's 'good'. And sometimes a 'good' person (like you ^w^) can convince himself he's 'bad'.
    It will! I trust the Universe to deliver their comeuppance! It shall be SWIFT! And without mercy. ^w^ But thank you for the concern. You're one of the good ones who don't deserve this quills.
    Haha, ever since I've been robbed and mugged one TOO many times. This Porcupine has a QUILL to pick with some people. And it doesn't require sharp wits or a piercing personality. ÒwÓ
    I was going to say I was doing great...but after last night, not so much. But hello! Nice to be hearing from you. How are you doing my friend?
    git 'ur hurr dyiiiid and ur nails dunnnn
    Seriously though, thanks for that picture, made my day. x3
    Aw, thanks. :3c The forum culture (really internet culture in general) seems to be heading south lately and I'm finding myself in the minority more and more often, so it's good to hear that there are still people that agree with me.
    You're just too impossibly kind where I'm was so obviously the asshole in this situation. Thank you for harboring no ill will. I'm not perfect and I try to admit when I've acted less than ideal. This is one of those situations. I appreciate your patience with me.
    Sorry about being a shithead in the thread.
    It might not be impossible to reflect on the idea that I may have a biased-prejudice towards people whom I consider more "well off". And I just went back to that thread. And realized I was completely fucking wrong. Which shows that not only do I have a personal complex that's entirely my fault, but I allow it to dictate my reactions to people.

    And for that I'm really fucking sorry. Shit. I feel really bad now. I assumed things about you, I assumed the worst, and I acted on those assumptions in the worst way. I won't go back and fully delete those comments, since I believe in accountability of my own words, but I did strike them.

    I'm gonna go do some thinking about the word "hypocrisy" and how it applies to my personal self. And really check my reaction from now on.

    Shit. Again. Sorry. I was being a legit asshole. But if I apologize anymore I'll feel Canadian, so I should go now.
    Definitely seems like you'll have a nice chill week by the sound of how it's starting. I'm always up for making new pen pals and would love to chat now and then! Although, given my current living situations, I don't have a steady access to internet but if you have Skype, Kik, or something else that can be reached on a mobile that would suffice! ^,^
    Hello hello my friend! This Monday is actually quite good! All things considering. Thank you for asking! How about you? How is your Monday faring?
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