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  1. Ieono

    Who/what are you attracted to?

    I'm attracted to confidence, intellect, and muscles. These three things just drive me wild. I'm more into men than women. I have a lot of issues with women, so I tend to avoid them, and feminine traits.
  2. Ieono

    How often do you eat sushi?

    Once a week, as well. I tend to treat myself to a nice sampler every Friday, to celebrate the weekend.
  3. Ieono

    The best part about being a (insert fursona species here)

    The best thing about being...a mimic octopus! (I made one tonight!) -Shape-shifting -Camouflage -Outsmarting everyone else!!!
  4. Ieono

    Open Relationships

    I'm too covetous to be able to partake in an open relationship.
  5. Ieono

    Thread for the weird by the weird.

    A guy at my job called me a "Cloudcuckoolander" a few weeks ago. I had to look up what it was, and i was kind of insulted, haha. I don't think I'm a very weird person, but I guess most other people think that I am!
  6. Ieono

    Mid or late day sleepiness?

    I get like that towards the end of a work day. I think it is mental exhaustion, though.
  7. Ieono

    Why Are Foxes SO Popular!?

    I think the answer lies in the early days of the fandom, but I am not interested enough to look it up, haha. I've never understood why foxes are so popular, either. I can understand wolves, because of the incorrectly-asserted idea of the "lone wolf badass," but not sure about foxes.
  8. Ieono

    So whose fictitiously banged the most furries?

    I am a virgin, so...
  9. Ieono

    How much of the fandom is satirical in nature?

    I haven't seen much satire in this fandom. I see more of people taking their fantasies far too seriously than anything else. I think a bit of satire and introspection works wonders on a person's (or society's) character. I wish there was more of it, honestly.
  10. Ieono

    Which furry setting appeals to you more?

    I'd definitely enjoy a good mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and ancient. I love all those time periods, but those three appeal to me the most. That is why I worked all three of them into my fursona's story, haha. I'll always stick to Victorian and 17th century for the clothing though, at least.
  11. Ieono

    Who remembers old FAF?

    Well, now I can't forget it, since all the past posts were restored. :eek: I was a bit of a troll when I first joined. I think most people were. Ah, the good ole college days.
  12. Ieono

    What do you hate about the furry fandom?

    Now that I think about it, I don't like how much of the community seems to be afflicted by significant mental illness. It makes it hard to really relate to and trust others who may very well be incapable of self-reliance and healthy social interaction.
  13. Ieono

    Super Smash Bros.

    Samus seems like such a technical character. It's like you have to have 40 DEX to be able to use her well or something...
  14. Ieono

    History or story of your fursona

    I wanted mine to be a bit of everything, so I had my fursona be born and raised in an environmentally-diverse fantasy setting, only to be thrust into a deeply cyberpunk setting with a lot of military undertones. He goes from being monk-class to full on techno-ninja. I gotta get the details down...
  15. Ieono

    Does your Fursona come from Space?

    I wish I was from your hyperdimension~♥