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I don't see what I could really post here, but I'll try. I'm a male who enjoys writing, gaming, drawing, and food. My current username is a romanization of my more common one. Though I've built quite a varied vocabulary, English is my worst school subject, while Spanish is my best. I have all A's though, so it matters little.
I've grown up in quite a religious family, but I retain very little talk of God and whatnot. I believe people should choose for themselves what to believe in. Whether that means talking in Klingon or sacrificing small animals, I care not.
...Ok, I care a little about the animals.
Despite my presence on this site, I do not consider myself a full-on furry. I simply admire the art style and the diversity furries bring to the table.
Pffft, okay, I'm lying. I totally love anthros. Kemonomimi are nice, too.
I'm actually adopting a new persona here... I'm attempting to stay as mature as possible and not breaking down into smiley faces and rofls. Forgive my demeanor.

Writing original fiction of any sort, drawing whatever comes to mind... playing JRPGs...
January 24
Cashier, Student, and Amateur Writer




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