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    [Critique and general advice requested] The Metroid's Song (NSFW)

    Hi guys, as you can imagine, the story I've written takes place in the metroid universe and is also quite smutty, definitely NSFW and featuring a number of out of the ordinary kinks. www.furaffinity.net: The Metroid's Song by iflyte A Brief Description: The Metroid's song is a complete...
  2. Iflyte

    Yiu Diagus

    since I wrote it for my latest submission I figure I can upload it here as well ^_^ First Name: Yiu (female form) Chou (male form) Family Name: Diagus Alias(s): None Title(s): Sunchild Species: hedgehog Gender: Female (during the day) Male (during the evening) Sexuality...
  3. Iflyte

    How Many Characters Do YOU have?

    I have about 3 character's with complete backgrounds, all of which I use in a story that I've progressively pieced together since I was 16.
  4. Iflyte

    What reason do you have for being a furry?

    I'm not gonna lie...at first it was mostly for the sex, now its more for the community aspect, I've made a lot of friends for the couple of years I've been a furry.
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    If you could go anywhere in the world...

    Wanna somethin silly bout Australia? 2/3 of all the animals who reside there are poisonous o_O like the koala...yes even the koala is poisonous.
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    If you could go anywhere in the world...

    Would still be favorable compared to the taxi's over here XD I wonder if the fair is more expensive
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    What Is Your Sexual Orientation? Part 4

    I was hetero for a long time, but little by little I became attracted to pregnant women...so I guess I'm bi with conditions ^_^;
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    If you could go anywhere in the world...

    There's a lot of places in the world, both familiar an foreign, my question to you is, if you could instantly be transported ANYWHERE in the world...where would you go? Doesn't have to be special and it doesn't have to be ordinary. I myself would go to Killarney (in Ireland) or Venice Italy, I...
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    Spyro emulation/or

    If you had a psp you could MOD it and download the game off the internet, which is nice if you already bought the game at some juncture in your life and still own it, in which case its legal. However if you don't or haven't had them, then its illegal and your supporting piracy o3o however if...
  10. Iflyte

    What Arouses You?

    Hmmm...well first and foremost would have to be people who ask me WHAT arouses me ...dats a lie ._. and I am ashamed for it But on a more serious note, I absolutely hart pregnancy, inflation, unbirth, annnnd transformation o3o off the top of my head.
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    hi there ^^

    XD That's a bad thing? *eye brow raise* But naww just kidding and thanks for the warm welcome everybody ^_^
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    This just makes me sick...

    oh wait my mistake turns out the lady attacked was from Connecticut http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2009/11/11/2009-11-11_charla_nash_connecticut_woman_mauled_by_chimpanzee_unveils_face_on_oprah.html anyways back on topic XP
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    This just makes me sick...

    But from that toxic soup, adolescent assassin turtles shall rise and take their REVENGE! ...but probably not. What puzzles me is who actually WANTS something undomesticated like a tree sloth just laying around their house. I mean you'd think people would learn after the chimpanzee incident in...
  14. Iflyte

    Sigourney Weaver is a furry

    Now you see, that would be slightly endearing...were it not Sigorney Weaver. Don't get me wrong, I loved the alien movies but she always seemed a little, er...masculine to me.
  15. Iflyte

    How do you explain fetishes?

    From a personal standpoint, its mostly cause its out of the ordinary, and a tad bit taboo. Honestly I wasn't bisexual till I became attracted to pregnant women, from then on its pretty much been all about "different" stuff, ranging from transformation to inflation, the list goes on. Perhaps...