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    Your favorite all-time games?

    Pokemon, Katamari Damacy, Mortal Kombat, Soul Caliber, Legend of Zelda.
  2. iKerochu

    'Ch-Chuu~ +>/////<+

    Thank you! :'3 Sweet, another taurus AND astrology fan! :'D I'm pretty sure we will be friends. +^_^+ Thank you, I think I will. and lawlz, I probably could give you one if you wanted. :9 Glad to hear that, I'm a emoticon-addict I think. o__o Usually can't end or start a sentence without one...
  3. iKerochu

    Want a 3D model of your char? - I need a volunteer.

    I'm up for it as well. :3 Just look at my Avatar xD
  4. iKerochu

    Taking 10 Requests (:

    Aww, guess you can't do ferrachus. Dx
  5. iKerochu

    The Official FAF World of Warcraft Roster List

    Realm: Gorefiend Faction: Horde Class: Paladin Level: 12. Name: Leikmudkipz Realm: Spinebreaker Faction: Horde Class: Hunter Level: 14. Name: Lawlzthegame.
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    World Of Warcraft Char Names and Servers

    A hunterrr. :3
  7. iKerochu


    Name: iKerochu(Usually called "Kero" though.) Age: 19. (No real specific age really. TIMELESSS) Sex: Changes gender time to time, usually female though. Species: Ferrachu(half pikachu, half ferret) Height: Feral- 3'5" Anthro- 5'7" Weight: Feral - 8lbs. Anthro - 145 lbs. Appearance: - Hair and...
  8. iKerochu

    Hello Furums

    Hellos! :'D WELCOME TO FAF.
  9. iKerochu

    Furs By Species 2

    Ferrachu; half ferret, half Pikachu. .__. Place me as you willll~ xD
  10. iKerochu

    'Ch-Chuu~ +>/////<+

    Rofl, alright. XD
  11. iKerochu

    What is your sexual orientation?

    Pansexual ftw.
  12. iKerochu

    'Ch-Chuu~ +>/////<+

    Oh...Sorry.. +T_T+;
  13. iKerochu

    Yet another new guy

    Your species seems really cool. :3 Welcome other fellow new member.
  14. iKerochu


    Hellos fellow new member! ^_^
  15. iKerochu

    What kind of "fur" are you?

    Hobbyist really. Not too much for fetishism, lifestyle, or art. :3