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  • Only the true cap'n crunch would know that.
    Which means you are.
    So gimme your sugary goodness oh magical purveyor of delicious wheat product infused with artificial flavoring!
    Does you have any delicious chocolately Cap'n Crunch?

    And yeah that is weird, I've never seen it before.
    Put it this way. N.A.S.C.A.R.= None Athlitic Sport Centered Around Rednecks. Make scence now?
    Also the pileups are fun to watch, a bit of an adrinaline rush when you see that many cars crash going that fast.
    That and if you ever go to a race it is so much fun. The poeple are wild. 80 yeard old women flashed me one time, laughed my ass off.
    lolz woot woot *throws a party, blasts the music, cops come to listen instead of arresting everyone, neighbors get even more pissed*
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