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Recent content by Illoria

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    Hiring: ($35+) LF NSFW Comic Pages

    Looking again! Have other ideas besides these ones, too.
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    Hiring: ($35+) LF NSFW art of two anthros

    I'm looking for art of two bovine anthros (male and transmale/cboy) involving rough sex, crying, and some restraints. Please message me here, on FA (Illoria), or on discord (Talvace#4788) with prices and examples.
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    Hiring: ($35+) LF NSFW Comic Pages

    Still looking for most prompts!
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    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Reselling HQ Human and Humanoid characters!

    added even more characters now! and even a rofeal design!
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    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $40 Minotaur Adopt for sale! [OPEN]

    Selling this design for $40 since I didn't click with it. Comment or DM me to claim!
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    Hiring: ($15+) Seeking Minotaur or Bull anthro character or custom!

    I'm looking for a very burly, masculine minotaur or bull anthro custom to go with a bull anthro of mine with a smaller frame. The character or design can be on a base, if needed. Please show me characters for trade/sale or prices and examples for customs. Thanks!
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    Doing some doodles to practice

    Hello! I would love some art of my new OC, Hugh, if you like him! Number of Characters: 1 Character Ref: https://toyhou.se/10037288.hugh Scene Description: It would be fun to see him playing with a new toy! SFW or NSFW: Nsfw please!
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    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Reselling HQ Human and Humanoid characters!

    I have a huge number of characters and a good number of them are going unused, so I'd like to sell or trade them for new characters that I will use. Feel free to post here or on Toyhouse. You're welcome to DM me on discord, too. Talvace#4788...
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    Free Art: I'll draw NSFW my boy with your boy/s (insert eyes emoji here)

    Hello again! Jinkies this is a fun idea! I have several kids you're welcome to borrow so your boy can have some fun. :) This is Clot: https://toyhou.se/2957558.clot He might be upset if Hope happened to be swimming too close to his cave. Who knows what that could lead to? Probably a very...
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    Free Art: Free sketches

    Would you be interested in any of these guys? c:
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    Hiring: ($35+) LF NSFW Comic Pages

    Still looking! Please remember that YOU are approaching ME and if YOU are uncomfortable with something, you shouldn't offer to do it and then ask me to make changes because you're uncomfortable with it. The details and dynamics are posted for a reason. Thanks!