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    Would it be a crime to suggest that body fetishes be moved to nsfw?

    I think one can be too concerned about this, but I still agree to an extent. I don't think we should be policing things that are at least passably innocent, because there are levels of explicitness, and I think there is room in the SFW category for "suggestive". But I've seen some extremely...
  2. Illuminaughty

    Would you go on a date with the Avatar above you?

    Your avatar looks like they know how to have fun, so sure, why not.
  3. Illuminaughty

    Because we're friends, and I've neglected it long enough, lol.

    Because we're friends, and I've neglected it long enough, lol.
  4. Illuminaughty

    I don't like masterlists

    I understand why someone would want to protect their intellectual property- but at the same time I never understood the idea of restricting who can make a character of a creature you created. Personally, I'd be downright ecstatic. But I suppose not everyone would feel the same. But I don't...
  5. Illuminaughty

    Would you date someone who looked like a Fur...

    Little presumptuous there- I'm ace, my guy. I never said I was interested in the idea of having sex with one. And there's more to a relationship than sex.
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    Would you date someone who looked like a Fur...

    I wouldn't mind- I'm not really interested in relationships at the moment at all, but if they were real and I met one and we hit it off.. Sure, why not. If they were intelligent beings comparable to humanity, I don't see a reason why it would be any stranger than any other relationship. Not to...
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    Do you have a life?

    You realize that online socialization is just as valid as irl socialization. I take umbrage with the entire point we're jumping off from, here. Implying that "having a life" includes going out with friends in your spare time is kind of reductive. In my opinion, "having a life" is much better...
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    Has anyone acted like a furry without realizing it?

    You can like anthropomorphic animals and media involving them without being a furry- there isn't really a way to "act" like a furry because it's a hobby more than a personal identity. Maybe if you were constantly wearing ears and a tail or going out and actively fursuiting you could make the...
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    wow i told my mom and my brother that i am a furry

    Your mom sounds abusive, and not to shortchange that of its importance here- but why did you feel like you had to tell them? You don't have to "come out" as a furry, it's literally just a fandom. They don't really need to know, especially if it seems like your safety could be at risk for it.
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    How do i tell my mom and dad im a furry

    Exactly. "Being a furry" is basically the same as liking Transformers or Lord of the Rings. It's an entertainment pastime, it isn't a societal "role" like a sexuality or gender identity. That said, your parents are being sucky parents- not just because they're bigoted, but also because you...
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    What do you think are the odds me turning into a furry?

    You don't have to call yourself a furry if you don't want to- I don't, because I don't identify with the term and I'm actually not that into anthropomorphic animals, specifically. You're the only one who gets to decide whether you're a furry or not, same as any other community. You can like...
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    How much alcohol do you consume?

    I don't drink at all, but I don't mind if others do- there's no morality to it, it's just a matter of personal preference.
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    Crush on forum members?

    I've never had a crush on anyone here, but I have had them before. I don't get crushes very often, and they're typically pretty fleeting- though I often find they're just a desire to get to know someone better, rather than a specifically romantic inclination.
  14. Illuminaughty

    What songs move you the most?

    Emilie Simon has a very emotional and creative style, and I've always found it sort of enchanting.
  15. Illuminaughty

    Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer

    Well I took a shot at a maximum 90's kid nostalgia Sonic redesign, lol.