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  • Well, the last verse still gives me headaches, but it's something like this:

    Fall asleep as I lull you, my child. Fall asleep for my song stems from my soul, and each and each and every note is a delirium of loves.

    That part gives me a LOT of trouble, basically, it says that all the notes from her song are ecstasically filled to the brim with affections (the original is in plural). But I don't know how make it shorter and prettier.
    Thank you!
    It's kinda disappointing that nobody asks me for the meaning of the quote in my signature, though.
    Sure am! I'd heard of the Sator Square before (t'partner's a history dork and and likes to share these weird tidbits with me), but it wasn't until I read that article that I got the idea to use it in a signature.
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