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    What was the first image uploaded on furaffinity?

    Going through I found /1/, /2/, /9/ works. I thought 7 8 9, but looks like someone else ate 3-8.
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    Is there some extra SFW filter I'm missing?

    Netflix doesn't have that, Spotify neither. Successful sites value diversity and exposure. Blocks on such sites are towards individuals not identities/subject, nor do they entertain those who foster objections to diversity. Blacklisting is archaic, just like its questionable etymology. I don't...
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    Any Other Nonbinary Furs Around Here?

    Idk, I just want to recover the female parts I had at birth via transgender medicine as it's the only way to. I elected to be transfemale because that's pretty much what's required to get that path as there's something bureaucratic called the "Life Test" here. Not sure how I'd term my modern...
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    I think it's going to pretty natural for someone who wishes they were an animal to have a fursona, but that's not the deal with everyone. But going on what I've seen described, therians see themselves "as" an animal, kith identify "with" something e.g. someone who is animal-hearted. While...
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    Is there some extra SFW filter I'm missing?

    Exactly, fetishes that have SFW variants shouldn't be marked as mature/adult. However, what FA considers to be graphic can be caught by a tag-based safety net. Tags that the "Mature"-filter can "safety-catch" is obvious things well-agreed in spirit of the ToS like "gore", "censored", "nudity +...
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    Is there some extra SFW filter I'm missing?

    The circles I run in is FA. I've been blocked numerous times for being trans just after making a comment, or because they see me as fetishising trans saying "don't comment on me again, dni if trans/trans-fetishist". The amount of transphobes or "gatekeeper trans" on FA is quite a lot, sadly. As...
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    Is there some extra SFW filter I'm missing?

    Blacklists won't solve the issue of people refusing to tag their edge NSFW submissions as NSFW, because they can equally refuse to use tags. On Telegram, the only people I ever see wanting FA blacklists for clearly SFW content is those who class say "fat", "trans", etc, art as a "fetish". But...
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    Why can I draw as good digitally as I do traditional drawings?

    Do you mean you enjoy erasing and then correcting as opposed to a finer construction? People vary a lot on this. I know some people can fashion scribbles into cleaner art but my OCD and attention issues make it difficult for me to see past the noise, I'm better at going over cleaner or less...
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    Is there some extra SFW filter I'm missing?

    Yes, that's the problem. Furry is a diverse community, FA is a furry community site. If you don't like 99% of the community, then you just end up blacklisting most of the site. FA already ensures most content that it considers too extreme doesn't end up on the site or at least in view on a...
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    Besides FurAffinity, what are some good furry forums?

    I quite like the community-grouped forums on the Barq app, it's somewhat a substitute for FA's lack of dA-like groups.
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    Is there some extra SFW filter I'm missing?

    FA already has the Extended Search. Introducing such a degree of bureaucracy and gatekeeping on the site is a very bad idea, it's not a booru. One of the biggest selling point of FA has always been the diversity in fetishes, that's why the front page is full of it. Encouraging blacklists will...
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    Focusing on the Right Artistical Reasons

    I think it really depends on the individual's temperament and values. Some people are naturally service-oriented and feel they have a sense of purpose when showing their art, and others also like a sense of approval from others. Those two qualities can make someone stress over getting better for...
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    Why can I draw as good digitally as I do traditional drawings?

    You need pen-rotation to emulate calligraphy properly, irl calligraphy brushes are elongated ink pens that look different as you rotate the pen. Keeping a fixed angle is ok for certain calligraphic writing styles but the angle is too forced for most art styles. If I recall only the Wacom Art Pen...
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    Happy Pride Month 2022!

    Yep, just of course either they say we're not women and should go elsewhere or we shouldn't exist full stop. The problem with bathroom queuing happens same with male bathrooms when there's a lack of urinals. It's because when someone is doing number two, they hold up everyone wanting to do just...
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    Opinions on anthro hair

    Human-animal hybrids should have human-animal hybrid hair if you think about it. It's a simple matter of proportion and attention to shape. Human hair has ratios to the human face, professional stylists often use CAD and all kinds of software to work this out. Original fashion is downright...