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  • Which is a shame. I should feel that drugs should be discussed in an open light, but yanno, SFW and all.
    Yeah I'm trying to get to Corto and see what went wrong. Was it Alex's bullshit or just the concept of my job that was unsuitable? Or was the the Drug Quiz I dropped that pushed the envelope? Gonna find out as to not make the mistake again.
    I'm hunting down Seekrit atm, but I have to stay awake until the sun shines across the pond. Fucking timezones.
    You're right - that's SIX's story for sure, and he's a hybrid Quilava just like you said. But I guess I prefer thinking of him as a Quilava because Quilavas are socute~

    Lab, huh? Ooooooh. Whatchu studying; college or HS?
    I feel like I'm growing up, so I think this character represents me better these days.
    I don't really know, I went through a brief phase of self-discovery off of the internet to improve my social skills and general health/looks because my whole life revolved around the internet.

    Lol that was a total bust.
    I- I just dont know. I was never TRAINED for this situation. We must subsist of bread jokes alone for a week.
    banned for being her lovable self. Too passionate for the mod's taste, I fear. But do not fret! She will return in August.
    Aye. I got it now.

    I'll probably do more on other subjects I like.

    Maybe I will become less of shit poster =D
    I remember almost every shittastic thing he has ever said on the topic of gender roles and related topics.
    For all I know, he could have great insights on unrelated topics, but due to preceding comments on gender, feminism and rape, I think it's safe to say he should not participate in such debates as his posts seem to range from "slightly awful" to "revolting" only.

    Better to be a stripper than someone with rape-fantasies and mysoginistic tendencies. :V
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