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  • I say let him join. Everything starts with one, and then it grows. Besides, he is a pretty cool dude. Cream bun levels of cool.
    valid points. On the matter on nicknames, does 'Incy' bother you? I could always use your formal name, or even the title of 'Millbrother'. Because bread. And that's kindof our thing for some reason.
    we could always work out a better name for him, something food related. I'm toying with mintlova (mint + pavlova) because of the similarity. Your input in this matter is appreciated.
    You remind me of my first wife, before she went stale and birds ate her. Both of you have the same fire, though she was curry bread. You got a problem with interracial pansexualism?
    Heh, they all have different personalities don't they? Just like people. I remember mine being so gentle and easy going on kids. She was just so laid back.
    Oh man, that's pretty tragic. Sounds like you took good care of him nonetheless.
    Aw poor thing. 40 years is quite a long lifespan, I know ponies live a lot longer than horses. I think my pony was about 24 or so.
    The one I looked after was about the same hands high, 11 or 12, I can't remember. I've heard of that disease, I'm guessing the excess amount of hair causes problems with grooming and the tendency to overheat in the summer.
    I actually looked after a real welsh mountain pony a few years ago. Class C. I live in Wales too.
    Why thank you. Pansexuality, or loaf-lovin' if you prefer, has become very important to me. Since yesterday. When it became funny.
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