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  • You're heading to the town meeting in Jagged's RP 10 hours in advance ??? You really need some hobbies to do something of your free time :V
    WhAtS nOt To UnDeRsTaNd BrO? pOnIeS, fIrSt ThEy ArE lIkE, a MirAclE iN yOuR eYeS, lIkE wHeN yOu WaTcH tHeM. tHeN tHeY aRe lIkE, a MiRaClE iN yOuR mInD mOtHeRfUcKeR.
    Check on the two names I wrote at the end of my post cracka' ! Get yo' ass to the youtube scene and go see why I got my negro-vibe on full effect. Then imagine having those voices stuck in yo' head all day and yo'll understand I cain't not speak like the characters in the traila'.
    You don't go messin' with me nigga, or Imma kick yo' ass. (watched too much blaxploitation on youtube now I talk like Dolemite and Black Dynamite XD)
    It is a way of saying something or someone is awesome. Think of it as a compliment. You should use urban dictionary site to look up meanings instead of asking whoever wrote it.
    It's the "random" board of 4chan.org.

    It's hard to explain but usually it's full of shock images, porn, and memes.
    Well it was specifically for posting ponified versions of yourself, rather than bitchin' and flaming over what's what.
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