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    What if one day you woke up.... and your fursona was laying next to you...? o.O

    Heh, sheep fursona (or woolsona :V). Nice one I've never seen that before. Would you sheer her and sell her wool if she let you?
  2. InflatedSnake

    Furry Desktop Wallpapers

    Haha, yeah I couldn't think of any artists that only draw clean art.
  3. InflatedSnake

    What if one day you woke up.... and your fursona was laying next to you...? o.O

    First of all, I'd get up, go to the kitchen, make some coffee, come back to my bedroom to get dressed. At this point I will see my fursona and panic, drop my coffee (zoom in on the glass breaking). I'd leap onto my fursona while only partially dressed and, if it's still sleeping I'd roll it over...
  4. InflatedSnake

    How exactly do you make furry friends?

    You have been here since 2009 and have made an average of one post per year. Try talking more buddy.
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    Furry Desktop Wallpapers

    Well, as said, you could just use google images. Also, seeing as this is your first post your either a spambot or looking for good artists. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you are actually looking for good artwork. Blotch, Fluke and Zen are quite artistically talented...
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    Legit Question - Overweight People in the Fandom

    In a lot of cases; People do not use mobility devices because they are fat, they are fat because they use mobility devices. Well, that's over here in Australia, anyway, I'm 17, weigh 50 kg (exacty 110 lbs) and I have decent muscle. I don't know why I weigh so little, probably because I'm short...
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    Which types of anthros do you prefer?

    Damn I thought this was a thread about how anthro you like your furries. Furries and featheries. Scalies are funny.
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    How do you guys feel about gore and vore?

    I have absolutely no problem gore when it is used in an appropriate place (ie: a horrorfic, warfic, art versions of these, etc). When gore is used in a sexual form however, I generally ask myself what the fuck is wrong with the artist/author. I find vote extremely odd and it really depends on...
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    What makes your fursona unique?

    He has a purple tongue. :V
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    How do we know we're the first sentient species on earth?

    I think about this issue a lot, and I personally have come to the conclusion that; if there was a sentient species and as advanced as ours on Earth before humans evolved but they are now extinct, they would have left something behind. There would be some sort of evidence, ruins, you know? Inb4...
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    Man straps bomb to teenage girl

    Nope, it's a bomb that explodes with fire and death. I don't exactly see how this is funny.
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    Man straps bomb to teenage girl

    An 18 year old girl in Mossman, Sydney has had a bomb strapped to her by a belaclava-clad man after he entered her home at 2.30pm this afternoon (EST). "We are treating the device as live until we know otherwise," assistant commisioner Mark Murdoch said. The news is still coming in Article...
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    What is with all of this "My little pony" stuff? (The unofficial official MLP Thread)

    Re: What is with all of this "My little pony" stuff? How in the name of Celestia is this thread still alive? I didn't even expect it to live for an hour let alone a month and almost reach one thousand posts.
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    Oslo Explosion & Utøya Shooting

    What the fuck happened to this thread?
  15. InflatedSnake

    Dance night at the...

    That's pretty cool how they would sponsor an event like that. The bar must care about it's customers. Or they need more customers.