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    (Commission) Selling: Inkk's Mecha & Monsters (and fursonas) one stop design shop ($5 - $150)

    Corvid's fantasy and scifi art shop Commissions being accepted currently?: Yes (and tumblr) Hello there! I currently am in need of funds to help with university living costs, and have 4 slots open currently. I specialise in mecha, monsters and fursonas but I also draw D&D things...
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    Inkk's one stop requested sketch 'shop'!

    @Prometheus_Fox I'm guessing you like undertale? @Le Chat Nécro I draw anything really, I just happen to have the most examples of dragons and mecha, since I haven't been approached by furries or anything of the like for commissions yet. I hope you like my brief attempt at your character though
  3. InkkEmulsion

    Inkk's one stop requested sketch 'shop'!

    Inkk's one stop requested sketchshop! Requests being accepted currently?: Yes Please send a direct message to me if you wish to be added to the list to be contacted when the shop is next accepting if the sign says no. Hello there! I'm a part time commission artist and a student at...