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  • Hey Ink, have you seen whats happening to the forums ? Well what I wanted to say is I'll more than likely make an account on Weasyl and leave this site in the next few days. Problem is there are no mods anymore and with no one to enforce decency with the rules I can't really find a reason to stay for long. Have you considered moving to the other site ?
    Actuality I think I'll just stick to finding someone in RL to roleplay with who I can trust. Any whose, sorry about my late reply's . I don't really have an excuse >.<
    Nah that's okay. My reply is even later lol. I've just been doing stuff on other sites and doing other stuff in general. Such as watching anime, reading, writing, and preparing for college. I am Xesthan on skype, so you can add me there so I can get to your replies faster. I don't give my skype out to everyone, but I think you've earned it by being a cool person. How was your vacation?
    Keep talking about Lake Powell and you'll start to make me jealous. Jk

    Oh hey, I don't know who else to ask and you seem a little more into the fanbase than me. It's a long shot but do you know any clean role play sites ? I relay don't want to possiblely rummage through trash to find one. :(
    It was great thanks for asking :) Saturday I actually got a chance to meet a new friend who will be in a new school I'm going to this year. His name was Sam but he was very sweet and told me how wonderful the faculty is there so I have a lot to hope for this school year ^_^ In all honesty though I'm still a little nervous since the class would view me as "the new kid" for better or worse.
    Well we do traditionally travel up to the states more up north during the holidays and my birthday so yes a having my birthdays with snow most of the time is technically true lol. Oh boy I could never take skiing that seriously as a sport and go on a black diamond hill it look like a really fast way to break your spine...far too scary to >.< Also how was your week end ?
    Funny you should mention that. My 17'th we went skiing for the first time and I loved it. Although I got a little too adventurous and fell on the intermediate hill X)
    New editions for the original 6 books give you all of the books in order, but wikipedia is good at organizing so if you go there then you'll know what order of books to go in. I always check wikipedia before getting into any series whether it's book series, video games, anime, or comics. It's basically one of my best friends on the internet. :p
    Hey again Ink :) Huh Alaska sounds nice actually I always do like the cold for the snow it brings which we don't really have here in florida. You know my most memorable birthday was in central park New York where me and my family built a snowman and we even had a snowball fight. Best 16'th birthday ever ^_^ oh and yes its so interesting and funny how eagles are in that scenario lol
    Well good to see that I have converted you to the cult of Dune. :p I can just shove books I've read at your face if you're ever looking for more books to read anytime. XD
    It's one of those books were it seems like there won't ever be good adaptations for all of the books just like how the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings were. The Hobbit came out in the 1930s and LOTOR in the 1950s. Nobody who was fans of the books ever seemed to think they'd have quality movie adaptions for decades. Dune is even more complicated. The first book is just as complex as the 3 Lord of the Rings books put together so yeah. At least they're going to adapt one of Frank Herbert's stand alone books called "Soul Catcher", which I need to read at some time.
    Yeah, though the 1984 movie was bad. I watched the adaptions after reading the 6 original books and the sequel series. I had no expectations for the movie after hearing about how bad it was. That was mostly due to Hollywood messing with it more than it was with the director. The TV adaptation was alright, but the TV adaptions for the 2nd and 3rd books were amazing. There's an interesting documentary on a much older attempt on adaptation the first Dune by Alejandro Jodorowsky book called "Jodorowsky's Dune". It's really interesting. I would recommend reading the first book though so that you can really get into it and because it spoils one important key scene for those who haven't read the book. Alejandro is really funny so it makes for a good laugh as well. I think Netflix has it.
    The hard part was when he had to try and get most of the water out X) Anywhos, Lake Powell looks exceptionally breathtaking and big from the pictures. I've only done much smaller rivers and lakes in North Carolina and Florida before. Wow the eagle inparticular must have been quite a site. In science I laughed once I read that sometimes eagles have been known to steal food from other birds. Although I have to ask how was Alaska ? Is it as unbearably cool as most people make it out to be ?
    Very nice. I went kayaking a few times and it's a pretty unique way to see nature. One time a friend told me he had kayaked for years and once went on for six hours straight so he had decided to go with us......he went to fast on one turn and flipped over X) It was hilarious but he was fine. So ya kayaking can be very fun or slow and relaxing if you do it for the scenery .I personally prefer the later.
    Yeah. Found it when looking for Science Fiction books to check out. I knew almost nothing about it's fame, history, or story. I just knew that it had a movie and TV show adaptions along with some games. I didn't even read the premise on a site or the back of the book. I just thought "this is Science Fiction and I've been told it's good. Let's do this." Kind of funny to have something like that as a blind read.
    I wouldn't be too surprised. The first Dune book is actually best selling Science Fiction novel of all time. It got the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award. It continues to inspire Fantasy and Science Fiction writers even now. The books were the final push I needed to want to start writing.
    Well did like Poe's work I am mostly into the novels Frank Herbert wrote since he did a lot of Science Fiction. I am really into Fantasy and Science Fiction. I've read 2 of his book series and one of his standalone books. His Dune series is my favorite. I read the other Dune books than his son and another author make and I've read a good majority of them.
    I remember reading his poem "The Bells" and "The Fall of the House of Usher". I think I read those in Junior Year since we covered a lot of things related to him.
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