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  • So, you like roller coasters, huh?
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    Nice to have a B&M coaster in there! My favourite woodie, although not a woodie but moreso a hybrid, is Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
    Oh yeah that one got a rocky mountain construction (rmc) makeover. The voyage is also a hybrid but the track is still wood. :p

    Yeah for me B&M is the king of steel rides. So smooth and well paced.
    I agree... Have you seen the pacing on Thorpe Park's wing coaster, The Swarm? It has pretty good pacing for a wing rider.
    Haha hotwheel :')
    That's pretty cool, was that camera specially mounted or made for that?
    That really impressive, kinda od they'd make a 16 channel interface with no phantom power. I'd love to see you equipment, I have a thing for studio porn haha.

    And I'm quite new to 5.1, I'm new to pro tools too (many years of logic) and we set the project to 5.1, it allows surround panning. The thing is we're mixing music in 5.1, which is quite odd to me, after learning in stereo all these years, but it's a new and interesting. I'm not fully aware of the hardware I was using to mix with as its university studios, I'm just surrounded by 5 KRK monitors and a sub in a cramped room, most of their gear is with focusrite. We've got some interesting hardware that allows all rehearsal and studios rooms to be linked through ethernet, so we can record from any of these rooms to the studio.
    Ah sounds sick c:
    What kind of equipment do you use/getting for mixing?
    I've been recently learning to mix in 5.1, finding it pretty interesting.
    You own a studio? That pretty cool man, that what I'd like to do. What kind of stuff do you find yourself mixing?
    "The majority of furries live themselves into the fandom" is an untrue stereotype.

    Also, Pastry has no reason to be rude, and his views aren't "realistic," he's just being a pain for no reason.
    "Comming back from the dead with this comment tells me you're not Jesus."

    Actually, I've been back for a while.

    Also, Pastry deserves comments like that. He's such a jerk to people, why would people praise him for it?
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