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    Thanks yo! I'm really into using texture brushes lmao
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    I recently held a raffle on furry amino, and here's one of the prizes! I drew ZedAsul's character :D You can also see the process behind it on Tapastic!
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    Insomniverse's Stuff

    Here's a thing I did of my character, Tahoe! He's an outlet for my affinity towards neon colors and snowboarding lmao You can also find this pic on FurAffinity and Furry Amino!
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    Popularity and exposure

    Honestly, I would stop posting on social media for awhile if that's your case. Making art for attention isn't healthy, nor is it a sustainable source of happiness. I feel like you need to step back and learn how to draw for yourself again.
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    Insomniverse's Painted Commissions ($25- $90)

    Commission Rates PAYPAL ONLY. Because of this, I will need your PayPal email in order to send an invoice. For additional examples, visit my Furaffinity profile ________________________ PRICES ________________________ Character Bust: $25 - 45.00 USD Half Body Commission: $35 - 55.00 USD...
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    Do you pop your spine?

    I tend to spend a lot of hours hunched over a computer, and so I crack my joints a lot. For my back specifically, I just roll my shoulders back to relieve the tension back there. I probably shouldn't crack as much as I do, but I don't really want to change my habits, either.
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    Show me your art improvement!

    2013 vs 2017
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    Adoptables: scam or great chance?

    I honestly really like this analogy haha I mean, you COULD design your own character without having any prior experience in doing so, but there's no way it's going to turn out the same as a professional design. It true, there are people who sell adoptables who have no idea what they're doing...
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    Adoptables: scam or great chance?

    I'm kinda mixed on how I feel about adoptables. Like, in a lot of cases, people genuinely do just sell recolored versions of the same character. In that case, it really doesn't make much sense. It seems lazy, and there just wasn't a lot of thought put into each individual design. In other...
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    'Nother commission! This time, I did a couple character busts for someone on instagram. Especially into the cloudy background haha
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    Insomniverse's Stuff

    Heyyo! Ran away for a long-ass time, hopefully I'm back now lol. Here's the most recent thing I've uploaded on my Fur Affinity account!
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    Insomniverse's Stuff

    Aaaaand I'm back! A lil bit! Not actually quite sure lol. I've still got a couple weeks left until I graduate high school, so that might get in the way of me being active here again lol Here's the latest piece I've worked on! It's also on FurryAmino, where I've been doing occasional commissions...
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    Made gift art of a friend's oc!
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    What is art?

    That's not quite true. Riopelle was closely tied to the Refus Global manifesto, and as such he drew inspiration from it. Lucky for you, there's an entire book about him and his peers