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    FA - Back Online

    You know, it could also benefited if this announcement was made when there was little traffic. Then people would realize that FA is back on their own time.
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    FA - Back Online

    This is what happens when there are a bunch of guys outside waiting for a big sale to happen. Once you start to open the doors, all hell breaks loose. Too bad you can't force people to wait in line and get the hyped product one at a time, unless you restrict I don't know IP addresses and allow...
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    To the Staff: Thank You.

    That there is true commitment. Kudos.
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    Getting sick of games that treat me like I'm completely incompetent.

    I think if you're gonna have regenerating health, have a health bar that reduce your max health so you're not at 100% when you're regenerating. That way, you're be more wary from taking hits because you don't want a max low health bar when you're facing a boss.
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    In the Need for Something Epic....=A= [Taking Requests]

    If you can, draw me a rooster who is a short-order cook. He wears jeans with a half-apron overlapping the pants. The shirt can be anything. You can draw him squinty-eyed and his trademark is a frying pan but both are not necessary.
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    Your Finished Works Here!

    You got a finished piece you're proud of, or you want to show of your work with your fellow forum goers, here is the place! Here's mine: Bigger size: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v285/Negativefox/flag-4.jpg Now let's show yours. No sketches or doodles please.
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    Nah, I don't mind at all. The tiara-wearing people shall rule the world!
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    You know, if Krystal was in brawl, I would ultimately have a crack pairing with KrystalxMarth, just because I consider to compare that pairing to drugs. Good thing it's pretty low priority now.
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    28 Days Later - Discussion

    I think there's a lesson to be learned here. I believe it is people will always remember the good old days.
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    Lineart critique

    Thanks! If this was just a cel-shaded piece I would of lighten it up a bit. Anyway, another quick update of an hour's work. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v285/Negativefox/wip/flag-2.jpg WOO!
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    "I'm more evil because..." (May be NSFW--check local statutes)

    I'm more evil because I faked the person above me's death.
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    How do you define yourself?

    I don't like how you make animals and anthros the same being, even if anthros were inspired by animals.
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    ninjas or pirates

    We make women smile and ninjas revile!
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    Lineart critique

    Quick Update http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v285/Negativefox/wip/flag-1.jpg I went on coloring the thing and form the basic shadows. I decided to have the light shine at the top-right. Also I can't change the title of this thread.
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    Sonic is for speed....but with Swords? OH NO!

    Yeah, but Godot isn't lugging a full suit of armor either.