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  • Brofist is usually done by two guys, but I'll make an exception for ya :3
    But anyway, I'll try to be online in an hour or so when I get back from my errands, then we can try to get the Skype thing working
    Ah, well that explains it all.
    I was wondering why I got no reply lol, but that is covered now and it's totally cool now.
    You should get your own Pc >:3
    I'm just a helpful soul :3
    I just got home from school, and could help you out right now :3
    Just accept the incoming request in Skype and we can talk there
    There should be notifications tab over the contacts list. There should be at least one incoming request. I can help you out with at least with the basics of Skype :3
    It's Sawsbuck, one of the Gen V (that is, newest) pokemon. Its form changes with the season and that's its winter forme (appropiate considering christmas is approaching).
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