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    Commissions - Money Transfer - Legal Issues?

    Here's another way that I see used. Payment in Linden Dollars (L$), the currency of "Second Life", the 3D world. Basically the buyer send L$ to your SL account ; and then you cash it out via Paypal. Secondlife: - Availability (not every buyer plays it) + Easy to use (money transfered...
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    Call for Coders/Helpers for Ferrox Project

    FA should be programmed with the Lolcat programming language. It would be awesome. (see lolcode )
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    Call for Coders/Helpers for Ferrox Project

    oh goddess yes, anything but PHP. I could have helped had it been rewritten in Ruby instead, but I'm still glad it's python.
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    A Thank-You For a Fair Decision

    Not "causing" , rather "leading to". Nobody put a gun to their head and said "get off FA". It's their decision to leave. Banning underage mature pictures would have made some artists gallery lose pictures (and I guess there are some who would have nearly an empty gallery as a result), the...
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    Filter Revision Proposal - The /AH/ Autofilter

    Furaffinity should have been named something else ; a name that gives a better clue of what's inside and it's purpose (rescue site for Sheezyart porn artists). A name that tells the visitor "there's perverted art in there! Be careful!" I think " DeviantArt " would be good ; but it's already...
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    What are you?!

    European Discordian Post Secondary Communist "# Idealist or not?" which Idealism?
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    Filter Revision Proposal - The /AH/ Autofilter

    In opposition to game over right now if we do ban (drama apocalypse. people fleeing to yet another furry art dA-like site... eventually people go to the site with less restrictions -> bye FA) Anyway I think this is not the subject discussed in this thread.
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    Filter Revision Proposal - The /AH/ Autofilter

    I think it's a great idea and I'm all for it.
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    Polls on the main site

    I'm sure a majority of FA users are not registered on the forum, and don't visit it. Knowing that, can _important_ polls like the recent one about Mature "Cub" Art be posted on the main site? The result of this one influence what can and cannot be posted on FA. (and maybe what will be removed...