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    Trouble Tickets

    I made, I believe, 4 trouble tickets? 3 of them took quite a bit of time to get answered, and 2 of them had problems that weren't really resolved. Time passed and then a response would eventually come asking me if the problem persisted. The problems were sporadic and always occurred every so...
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    5-6 AM downtime on 5/30 taking place 8-9PM 5/31

    I didn't do anything, this should be totally expected by now. :3
  3. isthisagoodname

    5-6 AM downtime on 5/30 taking place 8-9PM 5/31

    No no, this is UNPLANNED downtime. :P Downtime that, according to Sciggles in the site status forum, came as a complete surprise to the staff. Right BEFORE the PLANNED downtime. So, to clarify: The PLANNED downtime didn't happen yet, but the downtime being experienced right now is UNPLANNED. :3
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    FA down?

    Today's FA shutdown is brought to you by DDoS. Why enjoy what you like when what we like is better? DDoS.
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    Is the site going to continue going down EVERY night?

    This is starting to make me very butthurt.
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    Fur Affinity Turns 6!

    So. Folders. I'd like to see them. Are they only going to come with the update, or earlier?
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    Story and Music thumbnails

    For some reason, I've seen that recently the music and story thumbnails posted after a certain time have become HUGE on the artist's userpage (but would show up fine in the gallery page). Is this just some sort of glitch, or are people now allowed to post higher quality artwork for those...
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    Please Remove "Deleted Journal" Messages and...

    I agree about the faves, I'd check them every so often and one day I'd find a huge X or two in there, and a lot of the time I'd completely FORGET what it was, and who did it. I sort of wish that there'd be some sort of warning, as in the user has deleted their submission, yet it temporarily...
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    What Is Your Sexual Orientation? Part 4

    I be a faggot :o
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    Bug/Site Problem: Submission Stats Page

    This is also a problem for me. Though I have more than 100 submissions, my stats page only shows 1 or 2 pages of them, then the URL simply skips to page 4 which is a repeat of page 1 or 2. Even when set to the max, many submissions get skipped when I go to another page.
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    FA went kablooey!

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    FYI - Acceptable Upload Policy (AUP) Update

    The "breasts" part of the prohibited pictures needs to be clarified a bit. Would a picture of a chubby guy wearing only swimming trunks be unacceptable under the updated policy now? Girl boobs = Unacceptable Man boobs = ? (This is not meant to mock anyone or anything, it's a genuine...
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    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    Shigeru Miyamoto said this when referring to delays of video games, but this phrase does not work when it comes to a website, which can be constantly edited, as opposed to video games, as they cannot be changed after release. :P Where's my cookie?
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    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    Okay, I'm reading page 5 of this thread, and click on page 6, which would have been the last page of the thread. Nope, now there are 7 pages of "BAWW". I read through page 6, and click on page 7. Now there are 8 pages. Read that, click on page 8. Now there are 9 pages. Read that, click on page...