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  • I don't exactly have a cutiemark... I can't think of one. Can you help me?

    If you want, we can do this conversation on Skype. It would probably make it easier.
    I'm particularly proud of the limited edition White Dwarf figure I got with my subscription. I really outdid myself on that one.
    I play both. I collect Tau Empire/Imperial Guard figures (though I only ever played 1 game with my Tau, it's just too inconvenient to drag my stuff to the store and I don't know anyone there anyway) mainly for the modeling/painting. I'm also a huuuuge fan of the lore, having collected dozens upon dozens of books about 40K, ranging from short stories to artwork collections. As for the Dawn of War games, I have all the expansions for the 1, but none of those for the 2. I'd have to get working on that soon. I was also planning on maybe starting a Battlefleet Gothic fleet, but I'm still unsure about that. I have a blog (in french) where I dump all the pictures I take of my miniatures. It's the "homepage" link below my profile pic.
    What the hell is that huge-ass picture doing on my profile I don't how it got there omygod I'm not good with computers.
    This is what command prompt looks like on my PC.
    You know python. Tell me more about your computer programming. I'm genuinely curious because I know a lot about python.
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