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    Unable to delete submissions...Submission system offline

    I would like to have 1 submissions removed please. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22831/
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    Trouble Logging In/Password Problems

    Yeah I am now also. Whats the deal? I can't log in now. It says I don't exist. Uhm, last time I checked I do. Please fix this. My email is: ITOMIC_Research@Hotmail.com My Account is under the name "ITOMIC" [ed./u2k] fixed. :)
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    FA Current Status : was The SQL Holocaust [UPDATED]

    Grrr. I was just getting used to the long-ass page loads also. Oh well... :cry: (lol - My sig will never get old)
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    Having problems staying logged in? Please post here.

    Yep. Me 2. Every 5 or 6 minutes it asks you to log back in... Of course, that is rather annoying.
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    Account Importing From Old FA [Updated]

    For me it wasnt always broken. It worked about a week ago, but I never got the email with the key.. NOW it just doesnt work at all... I get a blank page just like everyone else... Heh, at least a week ago the page worked. This is retarded.
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    Account Importing Problem

    YEah me too. It said it imported but I never got any mail conformation. It's been a week. What gives?