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    Never have I ever

    I have, it's pretty cool. Never have I ever gone to Asia
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    Birb is Bored and wants to RP.

    Woo another birb! If you want to talk, I'm on discord. I can PM you my link if you want.
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    Just joined, interested to see if I can draw Furry stuff (20 requests taken - will update later)

    Hey, if you're still doing this, here's my sona www.furaffinity.net: Updated Blitz Reference Sheet (Commissions, SFW) by Its_Blitz
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    Looking to draw your characters! (STILL OPEN!)

    Here's my ref! www.furaffinity.net: Updated Blitz Reference Sheet (Commissions, SFW) by Its_Blitz Think you could do a Top Gun theme?
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    Inflation RP, anybody?

    Skype would Work best
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    But I can also do telegram if you want
  7. It'sBlitz


    If you happen to be on Discord I'd be down
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    * {miro's art shop} * | paypal | OPEN

    I definitely have to recommend this artist, as they not only do a wonderful job, but kept me updated almost daily, as well as being a great deal!
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    Inflation RP, anybody?

    I mean I have skype if you're still interested
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    Reasoning behind God-Modding?

    Having no flaws is the biggest flaw out there.
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    Inflation RP, anybody?

    I might be interested, but am a tad busy. Do you have a discord?
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    show me pics of your fursona!

    Woo, another bird!
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    'Sona Revamped !

    Looking good!