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    $5 Pencil Sketches, 3 Slots, Anythng Goes

    I'm offering detailed sketches starting at $5, with an additional $3 per character. Basically anything goes, unless it personally offends me, and not many things do, all I can think of at the moment that I won't draw is NSFW cub art). I'll add more slots after these are finished, if anyone is...
  2. Ixtu

    How do you feel about people hating children?

    Stole the words right out of my mouth!
  3. Ixtu

    Animated Pixel Icons $10, 4 Slots

    I'm making animated pixel character icons. Animation can be either runnng or walking by default, but I will attempt other animations. Characters can be either anthro or feral, wearing clothes or not wearing clothes, ect. For a few extra $'s I'll include a sprite sheet that shows each sprite...
  4. Ixtu

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    1942, the arcade game, in MAME.
  5. Ixtu

    Members by Species

    Username: Ixtu Species: goat-weasel Category: Hybridized
  6. Ixtu

    are there any straight edge furs on this site?

    If someone's willing to pass up a friendship over such a silly thing i probably don't really care to be their friend anyways, at least until they get over that silliness.
  7. Ixtu

    Furry Survey 2012? Yes!

    I hope this isn't obsolete to take the survey now. Oh well i'm sure there will be a Furry Survey 2013 soon. Edit: oh nevermind it's linked to the 2013 one now!
  8. Ixtu

    I'm Alive &Stuff!!!

    Excuse me if this seems random or disorganized or whatnot (aren't all my posts that way though?) but i'm short on time. Very short on time.And wtf's with my icon??? I must have not updated in forever (i'm grey and yellow and should have horns now)
  9. Ixtu

    I'm Alive &Stuff!!!

    For anyone who's been wondering where i've been i've been at boot camp. I shit you not. And i'll be back soon.For anyone who cares.Not done yet but almost!! Just a couple more days. And i'll be on this site more than ever probably. Can somone, ANYONE!? Repost something for me on my page? FA...
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    When is it never okay for a weasel party? [Free Art..sort of]

    I thought i did but maybe not XD But i was gonna maybe get
  11. Ixtu

    Furs By Species 3

    Unknown hybrid
  12. Ixtu

    When is it never okay for a weasel party? [Free Art..sort of]

    Gonna have fun with this one!! Also, i'm starting soon as i get enough characters from different people, so still waiting. =3
  13. Ixtu

    When is it never okay for a weasel party? [Free Art..sort of]

    Still open, just gonna cut it off when i think i have enough =3
  14. Ixtu

    When is it never okay for a weasel party? [Free Art..sort of]

    The mustelinization process which i use has yet to fail.