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    No need to be sorry! You do what you enjoy.

    No need to be sorry! You do what you enjoy.
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    Delete me

    I wouldn't mind either way.
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    I'm glad you feel that way :3 Feel free to message if you'd like to talk.

    I'm glad you feel that way :3 Feel free to message if you'd like to talk.
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    Delete me

    I would be interested! This is pretty much exactly what I was hoping to find.
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    Looking for new RP! (sfw/nsfw)

    Getting back into the furry RP scene, and thought I'd see if there were any interested! My character is male, tigerfolk, has a post-military body type he maintains reasonably well. I like high fantasy settings, but also enjoy sci-fi, post apocalyptic, modern, college/school, and am always...
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    Havin' a giggle?

    Havin' a giggle?
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    DnD RP

    For those that enjoy the fantasy setting, I was thinking of looking for anyone that might enjoy the realm for RP. My preferred setting is Faerun, but I'm open to just general fantasy of sword and sorcery as to not limit potential partners. If you'd like, message me with interest, it can be SFW...
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    My attempt at RP

    I've done group RP. It just tends to get cluster-fucked after a few attempted posts. Most people tend to pick one person to focus on, so it kind of becomes a bunch of people trying to 1 v 1 amid chaos. Unless it is in a MMO game or something, that makes it a little bit easier.
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    My attempt at RP

    I'm glad you think so :3
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    My attempt at RP

    So far, I've enjoyed multiple settings. D&D, Space settings (Star Wars/Mass Effect), Modern (Vampire the Masquerade/White Wolf), and a few custom ones. My writing style usually adheres to my partner, I try to form to them to make them more comfortable. But if they don't have a preference I tend...
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    Giving Thanks

    Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. And to anyone that has a Turkey 'sona, I am sorry for your loss.
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    whats your class?

    Old rules, I'd play a Paladin. Newer rules, War Blade. It's hard to hate getting two maneuver that let you do two full round attack actions, and another that does +100 damage to your next attack.
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    Does any one also use this

    It is a light weight program that can easily replace Vent or Skype for most uses of gaming or group chat. It doesn't take as much resources as chat programs usually do.
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    What headset do you use?

    Astro A50's for me. Expensive, but sound quality is really good.
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    I'm a bit new to all of this

    Thank you!