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    From the aspect of potential sexually transmitted diseases, I would say getting cut is worth it. I think the real question is does it affect anything as to feel and performance. Other than that, most look to their fathers for an answer.
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    Looking for writers?

    Me...Wolf...I was just published by Rabbit Valley and have already done a book signing! I am stoked and working on book 2 now!
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    The Gifted The Chronicles of Jayden Volume I By Wolf

    I'm Published! Book One of Ten is currently in print at RabbitValley.com! http://www.rabbitvalley.com/item_8474___The-Chronicles-of-Jayden-Book-One-The-Gifted.html I am beyond words
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    Anarchism or Libertarianism.

    Thunderdome lets solve all the worlds problems one on one.
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    Why is this forum filled with so much sex and porn?

    because contrary to some beliefs, sex is fun. Pron is well just that, people getting paid to have fun......ok maybe just getting paid
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    trying to get rid of fake antivirus

    My son got this av.exe virus, what a pita, when to dos, nuked it there, deltreed it, cleaned the registry, thought it was gone until he clicked on Firefox and welcome back boys. So I installed Vista having it rename the prev. windows version .old, and then nuked that .old file. Its working...
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    How do you tell your mate to stop...?

    The most important thing to remember is that it is your life, marriage does not end you caring about yourself. If you can live with his bad tempter, online cheating, and inviting this person into your home, the do so. I do not think thats healthy for you, but its your life....yes life. He...
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    Time for new wardrobe? Oo

    well, I can understand the trench coat and stocking cap cause here in bozeman it got to -39 last week. thats F ing cold. But the wardrobe alone is not going to change peoples perception. Though a light colored shirt might be in order. Your size is not to far out of hand, but I guess the way...
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    War! post your opinions here!

    War is natures way of pouring Clorox in the human gene pool. Some one pass Mom the bottle with the pretty yellow triangles on it.
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    Okays whos next O_o

    god does not hate, he just does not give a flying F&%K.
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    What's the difference between DDR2 and DDR3, anyway?

    power consumption and heat generation is less in the ddr3 giving you a potentially extended life of the stick. not that in this day and age that really matters, most things are out of date before they hit the shelf.
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    Human child? ME?

    only if they would not save me from drounding. other wise hell no
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    War! post your opinions here!

    Because we are just the highest form of life on this planet does not mean we are any less of an animal. Just more dangerous. Be it right or be it wrong, ask yourself, what would this world be like if Khan still ruled? Just food for thought feel free to puke at any time
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    Let say God did exist...

    I would ask: "Is it true that in the bible you say 'Suffer the children to come unto me for theirs is the kingdom of heaven?" And he would answer 'Yes' Then I would ask. Why with all the power in the world do you let them get raped, beaten, starved, abused and tortured to death? What...
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    Re: Freinds I have never really cared what other people think about my religious, political, social, or life views. I know that makes me sound like some sort of hard azz, dumb sh#% but when the fact of the matter comes out, I am the only one who has to answer to the fur in the mirror...