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  • I'm good. I'll wreck you with my shiny murika burd. And my bullet seed spitter of DOOM. Also, I won't pull any legal legends out on you. And if your team isn't prepared, then I'll go with just those two.
    I noticed! It's bizarre :U

    Yes. It bothers me when grammar rules are only enforced half the time >:I It makes it so much harder to learn the language. And even worse to explain it >:C
    Ah! I knew that place! Wasn't it just intentionally named to be the longest name with very little other purpose? :U
    And Gaelic has problems. You don't even pronounce half the consonants in a word >:I It's terrifying and weird.
    Lol i think i ballsed it up, invited you after seeing your last message but noticed what i thought was a battle logo next to your name, so i thought you were battling and went to cancel, but as soon as i did it said you sent me an invite which i accidentally canceled :p
    Just needed to swap to evolve slurpuff and aromatize, but i lost my spritzee to some ass who didnt trade back.
    omg, that's a real word?! Hahaha! Cx I never would have believed that!
    I don't know many funny words but I know a few really awkward sounding linguistics terms like nonfinite and copula
    Haha ;P I was looking for a word and happened upon that. Actually I still haven't found the exact word I was looking for :c Ohwell.
    omfg that word hurts my head! Hahaha P: I've never heard of it! I don't know a whole lot of fancy words in English :c I only use the same ones over and over again because I really like them C: hahaha. Mostly things like mellifluous, voracious, oblivion, qualm, vehement, invigorate, ameliorate, and other stuff like that ;P As well as my linguistics vocabulary. Those words are fun to say! C: and to talk about c:
    I swear to god
    I spent about half an hour choking, wheezing, crying, and failing to breath all at once
    that was perfection. Thank you so much.
    okay this is totally late but i just found the zelda can-can video you posted and let me tell you
    i love you for finding that video
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