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  • I know it's been a little while. i just can't get back in the groove in this place.

    So what happened to our resident black mamba? Don't tell me he kicked the bucket.
    Remember the time you said that one guy's avatar looked like a wolf or something and he was like "who the fuck do you think you are?!?!" LOL. I won't forget that. It brings me much chuckles time to time.

    Oh and you closed that otter thread. I had a good theory for that thread.
    What Pine did was not a call out and you know it, how could you possibly justify that?
    Awwwww, what a sweetie. So you two are still happily in love or whatever? (i'm tired as all hell don't judge me)

    And yeah, I know, but I lost all your info! (My skype's at nik_erway if you wanna hit me up there sometime, though!)
    TOO LONG is the right answer! Also awww. :3

    Sorry to hear about your aunt and grandpa. Still, the contest thing is pretty awesome! I saw a journal about that a while ago, but I had no idea you won!
    Eh, it happens. But yeah, that's ...pretty weird to think about.

    Anyways, beet up to anything exciting since I've talked to you last? (Which was what, almost two years ago by now?)
    Honors dorms, I get my own bathrooms :u

    (also fuck you, that sandusky shit was bad)
    I wasn't that young :C

    Ah, coooool. I'm at Penn State Behrend now, hopefully transferring to the main campus in a few years for the music program.
    Were you always that far ahead of me in school? Jesus.

    I've been good! Dumbass nuclear engineering freshman v:
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