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    What is it like to fursuit arond animals?

    I mascot for my local zoo and they had me do a Halloween festival once and I almost had to get stitches on my hand because a boxer tried to bite it off. I didn't even approach it, it yanked the leash out of it's owner's hand and lunged at me. Just be careful. Basically, if you see an animal...
  2. jay-tiger

    PSA: About "coming out" as a furry

    lol, there is never any need to come out as a furry. I mean, when I started getting into it, I was drawing characters, etc. and my parents were totally cool about it you can show your interest without blatantly coming out and saying "Guys don't be mad at me but I'm a furry" and even when I...
  3. jay-tiger

    Have you ever had any negative experiences with furstuiting(Red for more info)?

    I am a mascot at my local zoo, so i guess that counts as suiting. I've been hit quite a few times, nailed right in the stomach. And knee'd in the crotch (I mean, I'm female so it didn't hurt as bad.) But I blamed my guide for that because they led me into an enclosed space and this kid got...
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    Characters With BEAUTIFUL Imperfections

    Polly was a really interesting character. I mean, like I'm not gonna go on the tirade of "mental illness is beautiful", but it was like Susanna had pointed out at the end of the movie, her giddy, positive attitude was a symbol of her trying to avoid her imperfections. Really, her attitude and...
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    Rate The Song Above You!

    6/10 I can respect the style of music, but by halfway through the song I wanted to stab something. Still, unique and kinda pretty at some points. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mDxcDjg9P4
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    Why album art is important/what were the first albums you got for yourself...

    One of the first albums I purchased was Muse's "Black Holes and Revelations" Really all of Muse's cover artwork is fantastic. I especially love "The Resistance" what with all the rainbow stained glass and such.
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    Hi there! c:

    Haha, your bio sounds a lot like mine. I am also pansexual and addicted to supernatural welcome to the forums ;w;
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    Hi, friends!

    My name is Jay. I am not new to furaffinity, but I am new to the forums. I am an anthro artist, but am currently preparing to make a suit of my fursona Jay Tiger. I really, really love making new friends and discussing things so feel free to send me a PM c: See you on the board!