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    Cheap Scalie/Dragon Commissions Open!

    Original Post w/pics: www.furaffinity.net: Handmade Scalemail Commissions are Open!! by Jaye Read below before filling out the sheet please. Link is below! goo.gl: JayeCreations June 3rd Commission Form goo.gl: JayeCreations June 3rd Commission Form goo.gl: JayeCreations June 3rd Commission...
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    4 More Scale Tails! - 3 For Sale - Videos!

    Hello! Here's a bunch of new scale tails I got done! 3 are for sale and 1 was a commission. The commission and the fire tail where my first attempts (successful) with spikes from DVC . Commissioned Tail: www.furaffinity.net: Commission - Black Scale Tail w/Spikes by Jaye Fire Tail $60: FurBuy...
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    Can I get some help with ideas?

    I've done green and gold gauntlets already, and they look pretty good www.furaffinity.net: Knitted Gaunlets by Jaye
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    Can I get some help with ideas?

    Heyo! So I'm into making scale tails! Since I don't get a lot of commissions due to being a new seller, I've been having more luck selling stock ones on Furbuy. I was wondering if I could get some input on what people would like to see made? It's not necessarily a "request" thing, but more of...
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    Matrices Foam Tutorial>Help

    Link doesnt work
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    Large ScaleTail and Gauntlets Done and For Sale!

    Video: Furbuy Link: FurBuy - View Auction #1086209 Nice big scale tail complete and up for auction! Commission your own: Scale Tails and Gauntlet Commissions Open!! -- Jaye's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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    3 More Scale Tails Done! - On Furbuy (w/videos)

    Purple one: https://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1085984.html -Video: Silver one: FurBuy - View Auction #1085981 -Video: Bronze one: FurBuy - View Auction #1085987 -Video: All have a starting price of $40 on furbuy. If you'd like to commission a custom one, they start at $50. I also do large...
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    Calling all dragons!

    okie dokie
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    Calling all dragons!

    ok.... can I be invited? Just wanna check things out... I'm a scalie and trying to be more social for the sake of being socia (im quite introverted..)l, and I also make scalie stuff (tails and arm things) to help with college expenses.
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    Unpopular fursonas

    I Have yet to see something resembling a Tasmanian Wolf...
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    Calling all dragons!

    Not sure if I'm interested or just curious about this..
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    I am interested in getting a custom dragon tail

    Wash cloth and being gentle with it.
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    So far, as a seller, im not having any issues. I've only bought one thing from it (bat partial) and it went over fine. Be sure to do research on the sellers first though, like look at their FA's or anything they got just for some reassurance.
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    Who makes dragon partials

    I know this was posted a while ago but I make scalemaille tails and arm gauntlets if you're interested. Userpage of jaye -- Fur Affinity [dot] net