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  1. jazz_fuzz

    First Fursuit Head Build!!

    Definitely a dog although I'm trying to figure out if its would look better with floppy or upright ears... I'd love to figure out how to make a "rose ear" but it seems really hard s5.photobucket.com: Photo by Jenna Lea
  2. jazz_fuzz

    First fursuit in the making

    I love love love the detail in the mouth/teeth! I'm also a first time fursuiter, in it for the craft and challenge. Great job!
  3. jazz_fuzz

    First Fursuit Head Build!!

    Hey FA, I'm a vet student who is new to the furry world (although my childhood drawings might suggest otherwise). I have been looking for a fun and challenging project to work during my summer break and I thought I'd craft a fursuit head. I'm going to sell it when it's done if it's good enough...