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    Skittles Kitsune Yarn Tail [Auction]

    [Fallow the Link to Bid] I was looking at pictures of candy and this happened. Inspired by Tropical Skittles this Kitsune tail is a tuity-fruity ball of fun that you can wear on your butt. INFO: This tail will end up around 15-20 inches long. It will be a yarn tail. 100% acrylic yarn. Rules...
  2. JBCBlank

    I need some help for my poor pained fingers.

    I actually started using a pair of pliers to get them finished. I never thought of used my xacto knife O.e The needle I was using was really thick but not angled. But I am really not planning on doing this again.
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    Fursuiting Disasters

    the pelican is staring into my soul.
  4. JBCBlank

    Second attempt at a fursuit head

    that's cute.
  5. JBCBlank

    I need some help for my poor pained fingers.

    Thank you Trpdwarf, and no I am not planning on doing this again. I don't think I'll even be able to work on any of my other tails after this, *sighs* I'm sorry fingers. T.T
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    ~ 'SkahllyBir Yarn Tails ~

    No matter how many times I look at your thread, I am still so impressed and inspired by your work. You're great guys. Keep up the good work.
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    I need some help for my poor pained fingers.

    Ok let me give you guys the information: My mother's boss has asked me to make her a pair of rabbit ears out of REAL Rabbit fur. Now at first I didn't want to but as a favor for my mother I decided to go ahead, (I mean how hard can it be right?). Well as it turns out, not only do I need to make...
  8. JBCBlank

    .:: Kira's Tails ::.

    Welcome to my Shop I am JBCBlank AKA Kira, and as the card says I am the maker of one of a kind Yarn Tails. I make every tail by hand, not a single machine touches these tails, machines don't like me. I have a large selection of colors and patterns and of course you can commission the tail to...
  9. JBCBlank

    spots on a yarn tail.... Has anyone done it yet?

    well it's not very hard to be honest, you just have to pay close attention to your layering. Remember the length of the yarn you are using and make sure that the spot you are trying to make does not end up covered by the next row of base color.
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    what is the most embarrassing occurrence you have had so far in life?

    I really couldn't tell you what has happened to me that could not just confuse everyone. But I think that having my cousin's ex husband lean in to look at my laptop when a slightly Pornographic picture (it was art) shows up on my desktop and having everyone in the house hear him say, "PORN?!" is...
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    Advice on stress relief (important)

    Stress is one of my number one Triggers and it will always lead to a powerful and devastating episode. However, it is usually a good idea to try and find a way that truly relaxes you, I relax watching comedy movies or crying about it to someone I can trust. I am a busy woman (busy with woman...
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    Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1: Causes seizures ?

    That happened? my gosh does everything in this world have to have so many bullets in it. I really should stay away from my Triggers but they are just so tempting. I love Twilight news to be honest, I love seeing how people on either side of the extremes are arguing their points and defending...
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    Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1: Causes seizures ?

    I said you guys wouldn't buy it, it's the truth and I can't change that. No one ever believes anyone when they say they have D.I.D. so I don't expect it to be any different here. At least I was able to catch him after just one post, and kept him from going on the normal "The world is corrupt and...
  14. JBCBlank

    Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1: Causes seizures ?

    Um... I'm crazy, I have Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) and one of them got away from me. Sorry for the confusion.