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    Well, now that I know who you are. ;P
    Hehe, I try to be friends with everybody myself. I left you a note on Yoga and stuff. I hope you find it helpful
    Yup! It's really pretty. My dad worked as a canoe shuttler the whole time I was in early elementary school, so I kind of grew up on the river and in those woods, haha.

    But, it's small and rural and southern, so it's also a bit backwards in a lot of ways to go to school there.

    I'm actually from NW Arkansas (Jasper) but I currently live in Little Rock and I'm going to UALR. This is so cool. I've been wanting to try and find local furries for a while.

    Have you heard about the central Arkansas meet happening later this month? It's a fairly new group, and I've never been able to make it to the meets before, but I'm going to try and go this time. Here's a link to a journal talking about it on the main site.
    Hey, I was wondering if I could hear your voice acting?

    I'm in with someone to develop a game and thought maybe there is a chance you could get in with it too
    WAT. There are other Arkansas furries? xD

    Sorry for the 100 year old reply. I am generally pretty absent from the forums, haha.
    If you ever were at Gamescom, you know where to get them xD at the merch from valve.

    Also i think, you could get them in the internet everywhere.
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