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  • ehehe, well gee, thanks! I'd be happy to chitchat sometime and get to know you better. My skype is matty-conner if you're interested!
    Oh hello there! I'm flattered you decided to friend me. I'm curious what it was that made you decide to do that~
    To be totally honest I thought I had already sent you a friend request like ages ago until I realized that was not so today heh, I don't visit FAF as much as I would like to so if you ever send me a message and I take a while to respond please don't take it personally or anything. I love this site and the peeps on here but I do have other "real" life things to tend to hehe. Anyhoo I hope you have an awesome night bud :p Much love :)
    I am elated with your decision to friend me and I extend a warm and humble greeting to you, my new friend. ^w^ I hope to enjoy more conversations and discussions with you and look forward to future interactions. Send a message. Simple "hello" shall suffice. Anyhow, I digress, please enjoy the night (or day, depending on time zone). Have a pleasant day nonetheless!
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