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    Did you have any interesting furry/feral dreams recently? Or an old one you couldn't forget about?

    So... did you? ヽ(・∀・)ノ This topic was inspired by my university teacher because our topic for next semester's final exam is DREAMS! Namely, others' dreams (or nightmares) because we can't work with our own ones. So came the idea to collect these from friends and strangers but I'm also just...
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    Adobe Alternatives

    I can't speak from experience, unfortunately, but Affinity Photo is known as the biggest competitor of Photoshop and the people I talked with think it's a great alternative - some think It's better than Photoshop. I doubt that one, though, but it definitely seems like it's worth a try. If I'm...
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    Adobe Alternatives

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    Grumpy Cat has died

    I've heard it in the News, It made me so sad! First Mr. Pokee, and now Grumpy... Rest in peace!
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    How many (main) fursonas have you had in your life ?

    OCs I have a lot because of my projects and stories but fursonas/alteregos I've never had that much. Before 8: I didn't know what a fursona was back then but my first one was a mary-sue pegacorn with blue stripes and rainbow-colored mane. 8: Gary-stu, again, as a child I violently wanted all my...
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    Teenies (CLOSED)

    Oh my gosh, she's so cute and happy! *o* Thank you so much for drawing her!
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    Teenies (CLOSED)

    Aww they are sou cute! Here's my character, Lin. She's a happy, playful girl but sometimes a little bit annoying because of her high-strung personality. Thank you for the chance whatever if you choose her or not. ^^
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    Who take requests?

    SWF or NSWF?
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    Avatar Icon

    Why don't you try to find an image with CC license? Even if it's only a landscape it's better than nothing and there are a ton of stock photos and free images you can use. Also, there're a lot of avatar base for free. You just have to add some colors to it and you have a fine avatar. For example...