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    Firearm Owners In The Fandom?

    They're percussion, not flintlock. Note the hammer and nipple vs a flint and steel. I'm just not comfortable with a flash pan going off right next to my face. They're also rifled and not smoothbore. Might get some minnie balls for the rifle. Fun fact: That muzzleloader pistol is my new...
  2. jffry890

    Does anyone have advice on moving to Canada?

    Yeah, don't. The best you can get is the fact that they can have short-barreled firearms without a permit.
  3. jffry890

    Firearm Owners In The Fandom?

    This is my coronavirus haul. Paid for by the government. Got into black powder over the last year and it's fucking awesome. Do recommend. Bought the two shotguns like two weeks ago for clay shooting. Range near me has a thrower. Gonna invite the boys out next weekend for a grand ol' time.
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    Bad pick up lines!

    Are your parents retarded? Because you sure are special.
  5. jffry890

    What do you think about Micro/Macro?

    To much vore, unbirthing, hyper, and crushing. I like size difference and the prominent foot fetishism is alright but macro/micro by design tends to just be a vehicle for more extreme fetishes.
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    Random Requests Thread

    I've tried on 3 separate occasions to draw this and I just can't get it to a satisfying point. Are you okay with mediocre art? Because I may just take a final stab at it just to get it done to the best of my ability.
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    Do you use Fur Affinity or Furry Amino more?

    Definitely some bullshit, but I've been active for all of a day and it's better than FA for me. Drew a request for someone, got a dude to stream me some Black Ops 4 zombies, played some PUBG with the same dude and added him as a friend on Xbox, talked with a couple bros about alcohol and guns...
  8. jffry890

    Random Requests Thread

    Ok. Thanks.
  9. jffry890

    Do you use Fur Affinity or Furry Amino more?

    Bad art? Sounds like my kind of place! If it's anything like DeviantArt, I might choose to stay away.
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    Does your sona cook? And if so, what foods do they like to make?

    I don't know what butter chicken is, but I cooked some chicken thighs in butter with lemon pepper in a covered pan with rice and veggies for dinner and it was pretty good. Especially with that butter sauce poured all over it at the end.
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    How do I make a fursona?

    You and me both, homie. Except I was thinking fox seeing as I had a pet fox, have a giant stuffed fox, and think foxes are adorable as hell. Cliche or not.
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    Random Requests Thread

    Kind of, but I don't think I can help there, then, since I lack the ability to draw without a reference. As much as I want to.
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    Random Requests Thread

    Question to everyone: A reference meaning multiple angles, facial expressions, and color splotches for would-be artists? I genuinely don't understand the terminology here.
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    Any Christian Furs out there?

    I went to a Protestant church in high school and during boot camp, but not since. I think any generic Protestant church would be fine, but I'd have to attend for a bit to see for sure. Not a fan of Catholicism because of the Church, the Pope, and their politics, hence why I choose Protestant...