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  • Hey there : ) I was awake for new years eve but was working on a project home here. New years day wasn't so good as I was called out to work to a place miles away. : ( You should have stocked up on food before hand! Plenty of chocolate left over from xmas here.
    Happy January 11th.
    I believe the new management changed it around the new year...>.> I asked for it around the 8th of December though. I thought I'd finally take the goddess outta my name since it confused everyone to what my gender was.
    Family is a headache at times. Love em, just seeing them often takes effort, and security contractors are really swamped this time of year.
    You are a disgrace to your kind! xD
    At least you got shrooms. lmao.

    Maybe it would be like, slut powers?
    Cafeful you don't it aint like mario! xD
    Not like a Citra Kigu would have special powers or anything except I guess where the limes are~
    Subtle gestures go a long way.
    I would love a Kigu of like a Lime Citra, with the floofy tail and all~!
    Either that or someone I can correct. I'm just being subtle about poking.
    Let Santa Saru get a onesie too. I'm freezing and its been stormy cold all day. :S
    Juuuust enjoyin some good old FAF action. Kicking a couple of beers since its new years and writing up some event presets for the website I work on. Yourself, dude?
    D: I don't really watch any telly (I'm British you know!) so I can't comment on that :) I've been working too on and off. Merry New Year! for whatever that day is. I usually sleep through new years eve and the damn fireworks wake me up! :mad: *Gives Ji-Ji hugs for 2014!*
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