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  • Good luck with all that! I must say I don't miss school and college work/homework. I will be sleeping all day on Sunday when I finally finish work for the year!
    hello dear,
    I have a warm and friendly feelings as i saw your profile today so i decided to leave a massage for you. if it touches you write back in my email address so that i can send to you my pictures and tell you more about me. i believe we can start from here to know each other better. Hoping to read your reply to my email address below. Regards,from Aja.
    (aja.justinyak01 @ yahoo.co.uk)
    I suppose that downtime had a silver lining to it then. What subject is the paper over?

    A student last year scored 10% on the mapping exam, and she was far smarter than me. x3 I'm doing revision for the mocks, but continue to find new topics I haven't got a proper understanding of. Bleh, I suppose that's what mocks are for anyway.
    The 23rd before xmas, or the 23rd of January? [I'm guessing the latter because who would want to read papers over christmas?]
    I hope you do well on it.

    Oh poor JiJi. :c at the very least you may be able to evade the Brussels sprouts.

    I haven't done mocks yet; I have those in January.
    I'm well, though concerned I will disgrace myself in my approaching exams...it would be my own dang fault though.

    How about you? Looking forward to crim-crim?
    Hi there!! I'm still busy with work, it's 23:30 and I'm still working. Also unable to get my phone sorted, Orange are a bunch of cunts. Totally unprepared for xmas. I've no idea what's going on with anything. My van reached 100000 miles today, and I wish there was a cupboard I could crawl into and never come out of.
    Ho Ho How about you christmassy fox?
    Yeah! Honestly I really hope they remake Twilight Princess for Wii U to see it with all the glorious graphics of the new system ; u ; I have it on gamecube too C: Ocarina is fun! I've actually met only a few people who have beaten it all the way through :eek: Also, the 3DS remake of it is amazing. I hate remakes, but they managed to make it better than the original. It's shocking.
    Yeah. I feel like I would probably make the most complicated mixes. I would find the rhythms that would make difficult beats, such as a 2 against 3 feel (think Carol of the Bells), or something crazy like a 5 against 9. I would go for something that would keep the listener listening to everything. I'm just crazy like that.
    A good bit of the music that I have played for my juries and for many ensembles I have been in have been very rhythmic. It's usually kind of amusing because I can sometimes get the rhythm faster than the percussionists can. xD
    haha Yeah. I can see where you're coming from. I also feel like it would be a long time before I could play guitar well. I need help getting my fingers to move right. xD I'm good with both melodic and percussive instruments. I sometimes like to combine the two, either by playing a very rhythmic melody or creating a melody on pitched percussion instruments
    I am not very tech savvy, though. Mixing would be a challenge for me, I feel. I have always wanted to try, though.
    I'm okay with it, good opinions are the best ones. Unless they're bad but funny.
    I like to play around on different instruments. I can't play the guitar; it's been proven. I have a lot of friends who play different instruments, so I get to play around when I can. I can read music for all of them too. I've never tried mixing at all. Is it fun/interesting?
    yeah!!! C: I only played about halfway-ish through LttP cuz I only had a really crappy emulator :c but it was really fun! I want to play it all the way through some time. I adore the Zelda series. My favorite video games ever. I think my favorite is a tie between Ocarina of Time (cuz my first ever video game + amaze fun) and Twilight Princess (b/c that art). They're all really awesome!
    Tuba mainly. I also play (in order of proficiency): marching cymbals, bass guitar, all steel pan sets (most proficient on bass pans), saxophone, trombone, trumpet, baritone/euphonium, clarinet, fife, recorder, piano, drumset, marimba, bass drum, flute and oboe. I'm a bit of a nerd, I know. Do you play any instruments?
    ilu <3

    Most people don't get that. One person asked me if it was an MLP reference, like that made sense!
    It's been a bowl of shit for dinner each night. Been taking my work home at evenings and weekends, it sucked! But I've a boyfran now, he's looking after my psyche like a pro. And things are clearing up - I just finished a set of exams, leaving me free-er. :3

    I guess exams are your problem too? Worst. Good luck, foxibabe.
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