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  • Anyways. We've got a bunch of us in Skullgirls now. Alastair, xo, you and me. We'll have to make a lobby sometime.
    They're epic. But only if you use them right. Action camera's require... uhm... action. lel
    Currently I'm running a Safire pro 40 8 channel digital audio interface hooked up to the octopri 8 Adat channel extension giving 16 channels of digital audio. aka per instrument. It's a digital studio thus everything get's controlled via new age midi hardware connecting straight via firewire or usb to the PC/Laptops. I sold the last analog mixing desk just 2 weeks ago. Another interface from allen & heath get's used for an additional 16 ontop of that but I hate the device's performance not to mention it has no phantom power so all my condenser mics are useless on that thing. Effectively I can record 32 instruments at the same time. lol

    Mixing in 5.1? sounds interesting. Nah practically we do Freq chart based stereo master files unless someone requests some unique 5.1 sounds to be added on a video or something. After 4 years of running no one ever did though. Do you use some kind of Phasing/Panning chart on 5.1?
    Yes, It's hard work though and at the moment we're busy splitting it up in 2 pieces of a larger franchise. One solely for voice over recordings and such while the other for music. We do everything except from what is physically incompatible with the studio IE orchestra acoustic recordings and such. Way too much gear and time needed to setup a venue for that type of thing. So far the most stuff I've done includes Metal, Rock, Rap, R&B House and electronic backtracks for all sorts of things. We did a couple of big bands locally adored as well but things are going a bit hectic during the transformation process.
    My drawing for today turned out to be you. I've thrown the original files in your dropbox. Enjoy ;)
    Yeee boy. Just trying to do at least one a day to keep it up. Seems to be doing the trick.
    That sounds sick. I'm always on the hunt for samples. My dropbox is always open :grin:.
    Thanks, Ji-Ji!
    I can't see the gift for some reason though, and some of the other things in your gallery for some reason. I'm not sure why. >>;
    And yes, I had a great birthday, but I wasn't home for much of the day. ^^;
    Good. Insanity is what college is all about. I don't think I'll ever be as irresponsible in my life as I was in college. But it's all good. Experiment yo.
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