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    Changes strip # 50 Contest!

    Announcing the Changes strip #50 Contest! Hey everyone, Changes will be Celebrating Strip # 50 in just a few weeks and to celebrate I need your help! What I need, is art, photos, or short stories/short comics featuring the characters from Changes as done by you or acted by you in photos...
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    anyone else have Myspace/ LJ etc?

    Added & befriended, anyone that likes Wild Zero is cool by me! ^_~
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    anyone else have Myspace/ LJ etc?

    I have a mySpace Journal among other things maybe you have one too, feel free to join my network! now for anyone interested feel free to visit me at several locations: http://www.myspace.com/jimsupreme http://jimsupreme.livejournal.com/ http://jimsupreme.deviantart.com/...
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    need help with Furry NOT Ninja High School # 8 !

    this is a call out to all artists, we need YOUR help! Furry NOT NHS # 8 is due to be released now, for January 2007, but we need help! we need artists for the 30+ page story and we want/need bonus art like pinups, short stories etc I want this to be the best final issue ever!! if you're...
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    now taking commissions !

    i've recently been asked to do a lot of Commissions lately so, now's you chance to get a pic done up by me and not have to be at a convention to get it! I will also do art trades as well. Prices: Sketches: $5.00 Inked: $10.00 Toned: $15.00 Digital: $50 Detailed Commission Info...
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    Draw the Cover Contest!

    hey everyone, it's time again for a NEW contest! this time the contest is for Furry NOT Ninja High School # 7, due in July 2006. What I want from You all is a cover for the new issue. so here are the rules: 1) you must be on my watch list or, watching me, note me if you'd like me to watch...
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    My Mega manga sale is now on! over 200 books!

    hey everyone, i'm getting rid of hundreds upon hundreds of my comics, manga, furry, and american manga. over 200 books are already on sale so if you see a book you want just post here or, e-mail me. the store is updated every week with new stuff! check out the store here...
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    Canadians on FA?

    me too i'm from hamilton Ontario Canada myself hello to everyone else from the great white north! Jim
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    searching for Canadian artists

    hey all, i'm currently on the lookout for Canadian artists(especially in the Ontario region) to hire for upcoming books like Furry NOT Ninja High School # 7, the New Adventures of Swimmer, Alena's Tank Patrol and more. If this sounds good to you message me, or see me at a convention and i...
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    Furry NOT Ninja High School & The Sanny Folkesson collec

    hey everyone, just a heads up, it's HERE! Furry NOT NHS # 6 ! For all those people patiently waiting, pleading and otherwise begging for it.. it's finally available! Furry NOT NHS # 6 has hit. with a story by Yours truly and pencils by Sanny Folkesson this is an issue not to be missed...