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  1. JinxiFox

    Need a huge furry hug...

    My beloved cat, Phantom has been having some health issues and I'm taking him to the vet today. I'm hoping it's an easy fix, no mala, he's fine and I'm over reacting. Please Dear Bastet, PLEASE let it be that. I honestly can't handle anymore traumatic bullshit. So, if you would, send some hugs...
  2. JinxiFox

    Is Jeff Bezos actually Lex Luthor?

    Well, we've never seen him and Luthor together in the same room, soooo...
  3. JinxiFox

    Introverts and Covid-19?

    I'm a extroverted introvert, so I'm kinda torn.
  4. JinxiFox

    Favourite Cartoons

    Not a fan.
  5. JinxiFox

    What are sounds/noises that you can't absolutely STAND?

    Smacking mouth sounds, that sound that's made from nails on synthetic fabrics, or when they rub together.
  6. JinxiFox

    An observation

    Yeah, the otter suit might throw people off a bit.
  7. JinxiFox

    Recommend a furry Discord!

    Yeah, I'm rolling up on this a little late, but anyone know of any decent furry servers?
  8. JinxiFox

    the worst thing you ever ate or drank

    Probably this Indian dish that someone's grandma fed me at an event, It wasn't that it tasted bad, it was the fact that it had obvious whole goat fetuses in it. Yeah, try taking another bite when you see that staring up at you.+ A friend's attempt at making raspberry mead. I swear they just...
  9. JinxiFox

    *boop* Doing okay. You?

    *boop* Doing okay. You?
  10. JinxiFox

    An observation

    I'll do that in any arena.
  11. JinxiFox

    Little things you like?

    Hazelnuts little kitschy things cheap and cheesy souvenirs from goofy places. i.e. a shell with googley eyes from Pismo Beach Getting a meme that makes me giggle like a lunatic raspberries peaches plums grapefruit Oranges Rock n' Rye Faygo (I'm not a juggalo, just from Detroit) Finding a kitty...
  12. JinxiFox

    An observation

    These forums make me feel better than Facebook. Soooooooo......MUCH. MORE.
  13. JinxiFox

    What fictional areas would you live in?

    anywhere with awesome mechs
  14. JinxiFox

    What fictional areas would you live in?

    Biker Mice from Mars Chicago
  15. JinxiFox

    What fictional areas would you live in?

    YES! GITS SAC Tokyo would be awesome.