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    Am I the only furry who finds the term "Fur-Fag" offensive?

    You see, after reading this.. It makes me wanna do something fun. Recently, the domain to one of my sites (which is only a redirect, mind you) was being blacklisted by google for "deceptive actions" (yet, the website itself that I run has not) So, I was looking at a new domain to use as a...
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    FOSTA and FA

    The only concern I would have for a site like FA is it's Forums. While they are not designed to facilitate furries hooking up to hang out and stuff, however users may still use the forums for exactly that purpose and in doing so would put the forums, and the site, at risk of legal action. Esp...
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    Need a New Reference Sheet

    So, I recently made some updates/changes to my fursona, and am looking for a decent artist to help me get a new reference sheet for him. I keep a detailed description of him here: dws.3host.com: Description of Drako Swiftclaw I'm looking for pricing between $25-75 USD. What I want: A front...
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    Connection Issues: Furaffinity is not loading for me?

    The site is loading for me.. But none of the images or thumbnails are loading... matter of fact.. the main page of the site is only partially loading. This is in Lodge, SC.. 2 different comps, one using FF, the other using SeaMonkey. ISP is PRTC.
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    What's on your Christmas List?

    My own wishlist has grown long and rather naughty...so I won't say what it is outright... However, if you really wanna see it, here's a link: http://www.angelfire.com/hi5/jmachere/dph/wishlist.html As for giving, I'd be giving my mate some lovings and stuffs.... also depends on if I can afford...
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    The TNSC Community

    Greetings. Name is Drako Tags. I am the founder of a newer community site, better known as The TNSC Community. TNSC is The New Site of Creativity, and is a a full fledged community focused on the celebration of creativity and freedom of expression. TNSC offers Art Contests, Galleries, Forums...
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    Actually, I would be upset. They are still commonly and heavily used in embroidery machines. Since a friend of mine own 3 of said machines and her own embroidery shop, I would be pissed if I couldn't buy her more disks.
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    Ban Sexual Comments About Pets

    As for the link: http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=64333 Pictures of your pet could count (if not now, but sometime in the future) as something covered in the following paragraph, which is in regards to Flooding. Flooding is prohibited on Fur Affinity. Flooding generally occurs...
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    Ban Sexual Comments About Pets

    I agree with you. I believe the forum was more or less stating that pics of yourself, your home, your pets, and things like that - as in standard snapshot style pics - would not be allowed. It's already in the AUP that photos of collections, which is listed by many things, must be sent to...
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    Ban Sexual Comments About Pets

    The posting of Pictures, according to the forums I've read will be highly limited to a max of 5 per account or something like that. The FA Staff is making it very clear, this is an ART SITE, not MyFace. So, may as well just remove pics of your dog, since they can soon be a violation of FA's...
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    What species are you? *improved poll*

    I'm a tabby-mewtwo-dragon hybrid...
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    Character Sketches

    If you wish, you can draw my char...a tabby-mewtwo-dragon hybrid. A couple pics: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1933667/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2286363 If you want an adult ref, you can PM me. You can do anything to him that you desire.)
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    "Furry" All about sex?

    Lets be honest, the furry population consists of HUMAN players. These players, just like their HUMAN counterparts can indeed think about sex. Consdier this: The average HUMAN male thinks about sex every 6 SECONDS. The only reason its more obvious in the furry fandom is that furs are more...
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    Meebo Bar for FA

    Not to mention, the MeeboBar REQUIRES a MEEBO account. So for furs who DON'T have one it would be basically the SAME thing as setting up a SEPERATE IM account just for FA users.
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    Let me draw for you!

    *smiles* thank you for the spot in line..PM me when you want ref pics.