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  1. J

    T-Shirt Contest Winners

    Love the idea of bringing the first two together onto a single shirt. Can't wait to see them printed and ready to go~
  2. J

    Villanelle Fight

    Hahahahaha yeah I can't. You are a special breed of English nerd if you can kick out a villanelle for a furry messageboard. You even kept it uniform! I couldn't get one out of my ENGL3000 kids with two weeks to work on it. This makes my heart happy. (thread delivered)
  3. J

    Unsung movie gems

    Kurosawa's last and not at all samurai related film, Maada da yo. It's amazing and hits you pretty hard without being sappy or turning into another one of those template The Amazing Teacher That Turns the School Around But His Unorthodox Ways Get Him Fired and the Community Bands Together to...
  4. J

    Question for you all

    Wow, this is the third board I've seen you beg for birthday art and then ask why everyone hates you.
  5. J

    Christmas shopping

    I turn into a notoriously huge fag over the whole Christmas thing, but now is a little too soon for me even. My partner reins me in until at least after Thanksgiving, but once that's over I usually go all out. Haven't started Christmas shopping, though I did make a few preorders to wait and...
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    Georgia Furries (taking a stab in the dark w/ this)

    Columbus was pretty gay. I'm in Athens, albeit not for too much longer.
  7. J

    If your pets could talk, what would they say? What would you?

    I'm grateful my dog can't talk. I'm pretty sure it'd be a constant stream of "oh boy, dog food, my favourite! Oh boy, walks, my favourite! Oh boy, toilet paper roll, my favourite! Oh boy, Joe's home, my favourite! Oh boy, company's here, my favourite! Oh boy, the cat, my favourite! Oh boy, ice...
  8. J

    July is Pirate Month!

    I don't really think this counts as all I did was sew up a shirt, cut some belts and throw a costume together for a fursuit I already had, but I wanted to share as it is RELEVANT TO THE THEME    You can see the rest here.
  9. J

    Poseable Model/Action Figure Help

    No, you can make it yourself. I use a brand of clothesline, actually -- it's flexible but not flimsy, a metal wire slightly thicker than a coathanger and coated in rubber. It's also quite inexpensive. Just picked it up at Wal-Mart, myself.
  10. J


    Yep. General blog stuff + fursuit stuff. joecifur.livejournal. I add back unless the journal's nothing but quizzes / 100 posts a day.
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    *Blushing* Do they exist?

    Yeah, do a livejournal search for interest "furry." I can't give you any definite names, sorry, but I know I've seen furry_singles or something like that in a few people's profiles.
  12. J

    Relationship Status

    Happily committed to a long-term relationship with some guy that just won't go away.
  13. J

    Furry Fandom demographics research

    I liked that you added the sexuality scale, too. One day I'd like to see one of these surveys include something on transgenderism within the fandom, or even anything beyond just male-female -- I know a handful of TG furries, for instance, that identify specifically as MTF or FTM rather than...
  14. J

    Fursuit views

    That's true, availability does vary by region, but if you look around you can make a practise head without spending too much money. :3 Luckily I can buy 4x sheets of half-inch 16x16 foam from Wal-mart for $5.25 -- same stuff if you order it wholesale. If not, I just get small pieces cut at...
  15. J

    Fursuit views

    RE:   Fursuit views Not necessarily, especially if it's just a practise mask. :) $5 of foam rubber from Wal-Mart will make two mesh / balaclava masks or one solid foam mask; funfur is all over the place and comes for about $10/yd, and it only takes a third of a yard to make a 'suit head...