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    Reporting FurAffinity Bugs

    The "back" button doesn't work on FireFox. I have to use the backspace/return button on my browser. And the "search" feature is very awkward. Don't know if it works like this, or what. O.o
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    Story submission troubles

    Yeah, I'm havin' this problem, though it's poetry in my case. But it's still text anyway. And they ain't long pieces, mostly 60 characters or so.
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    Poetry submission restrictions

    I'm not sure if this's the place to post this, but let's go anyway... I've been tryin' to upload my poetry for a while now. The only thing that keeps me from uploadin' my stuff is the fact that it asks for a certain type of text file, instead of a space for the text, like on DA. I kept tryin'...
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    Create an artists' search page, like the one at Y!Hosting?
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    Good News, Bad News

    So... What happens now?