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My name's Billy! I'm an up and coming artist with a fascination for dragons and a fixation on lady's with dicks. I'm calm and polite, but I can be stubborn from time to time. As long as you're fine with that, I'm sure you and I will get along nicely!

My persona/avatar is known as Haley Leitstern Stürmbringer, and he's a bustyboy ice dragon. He's strong and independent, but much like me, he's got a strong love for big, juicy cocks and sweets. You can see some art of him done by me and some other people/friends here: just-lewd-billy.tumblr.com: [May Contain Traces of Nuts]

I don't RP often, and it's usually with people I know well, so please don't message me asking for it. If you're interested in getting artwork/commissions, note me on FA and I'd be willing to see what you've got! I'm currently looking some help with recreating Haley in Second Life. If you have any information that might be helpful/are capable of making a good 3D model of him, PLEASE message me! I'll see what we can work out, as I'm low on cash at the moment.

Have a lovely day!~
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