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    Anyone near Seattle?

    I’m a minor, I live around West Seattle. If anyone else is close, lmk!
  2. justenoughlight

    Naming and question.

    I actually decided (at least for now) on Amai (あまい)! It means sweet in Japanese! :)
  3. justenoughlight

    Update: I got my picture featured in the west Seattle blog!

    https://westseattleblog.com/2022/06/photos-west-seattle-pride-march-2022-for-our-youth Fifth pic down!
  4. justenoughlight

    Heyooo UwU

    Heyooo UwU
  5. justenoughlight

    Hello derg fren :3

    Hello derg fren :3
  6. justenoughlight

    I went to a pride parade in my suit/head and here are some cute/cool things that happened:

    Got quite a few compliments on how cute she is Got a free drink because the barista liked her Had several children approach me with absolute joy and excitement on their faces and ask to pet my head or hug me which was very adorable Made a few friends Got a few honks from cars passing by Got shit...
  7. justenoughlight

    Naming and question.

    1) Any suggestions for names for her? She’s got a sort of hospitalcore/nursecore/medicalcore aesthetic, I haven’t added the accessories yet though. 2) how do I keep fuzz out of my face when I wear the head? I’ve tried using a lint roller, scissors, tape, etc. Any help is appreciated!
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    Okay, just wondering :) I was curious because you have so many kintypes and I’ve seen a lot of people who say they’re a whole bunch of kintypes to troll so I just have some trust issues lol Sorry for doubting you, my friend!
  9. justenoughlight

    I make comedy

  10. justenoughlight

    How do people make music (for free/cheap?)

    I use BandLab! It’s really easy to get the hang of and it’s totally free!
  11. justenoughlight

    Any fellow Lyricist here? =p

    Here’s one of my favorites. I write original songs mostly but sometimes I’ll use a premade beat. Beat: Lyrics: [intro:] (Make it up! I chose “oh-oh”s) [Verse 1:] You know I love the way we talk about the stupidest of things Be it at night or in the very earliest of mornings But lately I’ve...
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    Is it possible to use waterproofing sealant on an already furred mask? (URGENT)

    The problem is that it’s the outside that needs to be sealed because I used acrylic paint and it melts off in rain
  13. justenoughlight

    Is it possible to use waterproofing sealant on an already furred mask? (URGENT)

    My friend and I are currently furring my dino mask and we just realized it needs to be waterproofed. The sealant we have will take an hour to dry and we do not have that long. Is there a way to do this post-furring? Update: we’ve decided that I will leave the head at their house and they can...