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  • I really do think this could possible be the BEST year EVER for video games. It remind me of 2007.

    Did you like the ME3 trailer? Yeah, they look unbeatable, did you notice how they glorify humanity in the game, we have the most diverse gene-pool of all the species and the most will.
    I just like Garrus becaue he is witty, he also has something to say on whatever your doing. It makes me feel these are really people. Tali I only liked becaue I think her loyalty mission is the best, especially the trial they have for here.

    Do you think Mass Effect 3 will be awesome? It's the only game that makes me extremely giddy at this point.
    I feel loyal to Garrus because he has been there for both game. Even if he is an idiot and run straight at a VTOLs
    I played an as Vanguard my first playthrough. It sucks that you got it for PS3, just because you didn't play the first, but the 2nd is amazingly superior. I can't wait for the 3rd game, the pacing of the game is incredible, I think the last level is EPIC, from the music, to the final dialogue and cutscene, it's the only game where I jizzed my pants.


    I thought I would go one step further and summarise it even more then them, though.

    Some canadians got some mice that were't fat and didn't yet have t1 diabeetus but were going to. The cut them open, squirted some SCIENTIFIC tabasco on their pancreases and duct taped them back up. They looked at them for a bit afterwards and saw they weren't as diabetic as the mice they didn't squirt the SCIENCE sauce on.

    After that, I think it's probably best that you read at least the abstract...
    My queen duties were fulfilled yesterday, so she kindly granted me some internets, so I can interfere in the worlds of others!
    You an use me as a part of your master scheme too >:3

    But shh... you don't want anyone to find out! - the walls [I don't know an internet equivalent of walls :/ ] have ears!
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